The Baby Spuddle

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Generosity and unresentful

Main Lesson

A charming tale to encourage older siblings to be more generous with their younger brothers and sisters, and to prevent jealousy.


Land of the Spuddles


A family of Spuddles

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The Baby Spuddle

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Moral stories for kids
Moral stories for kids

A short story that teaches children to be generous

Spuddles are small colourful creatures shaped like potatoes. Besides being fun and friendly, Spuddles have one very special feature: every time a baby Spuddle is born, depending on what colour it is, the baby's parents grow a new arm of that same colour. That arm is the one the parents will use to look after that baby.

One day a blue baby Spuddle was born, but its parents didn't grow a blue arm. Well, what a problem! How could the parents care for their blue baby if they only had the green arm they had used for the baby's older brother, and the pink arm they had used for his older sister? The first thing the parents tried was to attach a fake arm, but that was useless, and the baby did nothing but cry. Then they asked for help from other Spuddle parents, but all of them were using their arms to look after their own children, and nobody could do anything.

The parents of the little blue Spuddle didn't know what to do, and they were filled with grief that their baby might die because they couldn't look after him.

But then something happened that had never happened before. The green brother and the pink sister went to their parents and offered to share their special arms! The parents could not believe they had such generous and wonderful children that were willing to share their arms, despite knowing that if the arms were used to care for their brother it would often mean they could not be used to care for themselves, as they were being used for the baby. Spuddle Mum and Spuddle Dad were filled with joy and happiness that they were now able to look after their baby, and from that day they loved their generous older children even more.

And so much did they love their children, and so kind had the little green and pink Spuddles been that the the two children each soon grew an amazing multicoloured arm, which they could use to help their parents care for the baby whenever they wanted.

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