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Grandparents versus Aliens, a story about Respect for older people


Un cuento para amar y comprender a los abuelos

"A warming story to help learn to tolerate mistakes made by grandparents and remember that they too were young and brave, and they deserve our admiration."

Goldie: a different kind of princess, a story about Self-esteem


Cuento de princesas sobre la obsesión por la delgadez

"The obsession with being thin and superficiality hides people’s true beauty"

Adventures of an enemy of Halloween, a story about Good habits


Un cuento de Halloween para cuidarse los dientes

"A lovely story that uses Halloween as an opportunity to remind children of the importance of taking care of their teeth and eating healthy."

The story of Numbskull Tom, the treasure hunter, a story about Studying and reading


Cuento de piratas para animar a estudiar

"Developing a liking for studying and learning will provide a much more interesting life full of opportunities"

No More Jungle Law (story2): The Monkey, a story about How to avoid bullying


Cuento para prevenir los casos de bullying con los espectadores

"Witnesses to bullying can do a lot to prevent it without direct confrontation"

No More Jungle Law (story 2): The Mouse, a story about How to avoid bullying


El ratón

"Victims of bullying can change their situation by surrounding themselves with friends and adopting a brave attitude."

No More Jungle Law (story 1): The Lion, a story about How to avoid bullying


El león: el rey de la selva

"Strength doesn't earn anyone's respect if it isn't used to defend others"

The ghost-hunting Zombie, a story about Preventing racism and prejudice


Cuento de zombis y fantasmas

"A nice story to show that you can’t pass judgement on someone just because they were born into a certain group "

The boy who was too rude to others , a story about Respect and politeness


Un cuento para evitar las faltas de respeto y el abuso

"Rudeness harms not just those on the receiving end but also those who are rude."

Santa has stolen from me!, a story about Learning to be unselfish


Un simpático cuento para aprender a regalar

"You get more, and more genuine, satisfaction from giving something to others than from receiving it."