Grandparents versus Aliens

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Respect for older people

Main Lesson

A warming story to help learn to tolerate mistakes made by grandparents and remember that they too were young and brave, and they deserve our admiration.


A land ruled by aliens


A group of grandparents and some invading aliens

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Grandparents versus Aliens

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Un cuento para amar y comprender a los abuelos

The fate of humanity was to be decided in a big football match. It was the last chance that the aliens had given us before exterminating the human race. Only a few teams consisting of the best players from the world’s top clubs could save us now. Well, them and a team of grandfathers so old and confused that even they had no idea why they had ended up on the list. And as often happens with these things, the team of grandads were the ones pulled out of the hat in the draw.

Government complaints, worldwide demonstrations and threats were no use. The aliens wouldn’t budge: the draw was fair and the grandads would play the match. They did have one advantage, however… they could choose when and where to play.

Everyone hated these old interfering and scatterbrained codgers and no one wanted to train them or train with them! Only their grandchildren forgave their mistakes and still loved them and kept them company. The only training consisted of gathering round to hear them narrate their old stories and adventures over and over again. The boys and girls were fascinated by the stories even though they seemed impossible to be true, judging by how wrinkled and weak their grandads were.

When the aliens arrived to discuss where and when the game should be played, little Pablo – one of the grandchildren – came up with a great idea:

“We’ll play in the Maracaná. My grandad always tells me about that stadium. And the game will take place in 1960.”

“In 1960? But that was more than 50 years ago!”- replied the aliens

“Don’t tell me you’re going to invade earth and you don’t even have time machines?”

“Of course we do!” – they sounded offended – “Tomorrow we will travel back in time and the game will be played. And it will be shown on television for all to see.”

The teams assembled at Maracaná the next day. The strong and powerful aliens entered the time machine, followed by a small group of clumsy old men. But, as the years rolled back, the aliens became small and weak, turning into children once more. The grandparents, on the other hand, grew hair, lost their wrinkles and became young and strong again. They were now more than capable of carrying out the heroic feats they described to their grandchildren in their grandad stories.

And needless to say, the wise old grandads with their young and strong bodies played brilliantly and easily defeated the team of aliens, to the sound of applause and cheering from the audience. When they travelled back to the present day, they became old, clumsy and full of wrinkles once more but this time no one made fun of them or mocked their age. Instead, they were treated as real heroes. Many came every day to hear their stories because everyone, including those who had poked most fun at them, knew that even the wrinkliest little old man had accomplished magnificent feats in the past.

Translated by Saffron Whitney, Connie Ireland and Catrinel-Elena Galan, Manchester Metropolitan University

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