About us

At Cuentosparadormir.com, we have one main objective: helping parents and teachers to make the best of their children

For us, parents in the first place, and teachers in second one are the ones that should be protagonists of education. They are required to transmit values, first through his example, and then through his word.

We believe educating a child in knowledge, leaving it to grow without values, is a major educational failure , and thus to help with this task, from Cuentosparadormir.com we provide anyone with our stories and other materials, created with our best intentions, and based on our own educational experience.

We believe that fun, joy and optimism, dressed with imagination and creativity, are the best way to teach, and therefore all of our materials are loaded with these ideas.

Ultimately, we want a better world, and we are convinced that the only way to achieve this is through better people . We will support anyone with that goal in mind.