Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
The Magic Tree Good manners A story for kids to teach good manners
Princess of Fire Love, devotion and passion A story for kids about love and passion
An Octopus in Trouble Gratitude and Bravery A story about gratitude
The Ugly Fairy Self acceptance A story about respect and self-acceptance
The World's Crazy Second Day Order and Punctuality Cuento de animales sobre el orden
The Bad Neighbours Communication. Do not judge others's intentions. A short story to teach not to judge others' actions
Music for the Clouds Taste in music A short story about what music can bring
The Magic Window Friendship and care A short story for children about friendship
Grandmother’s Favourite Doll Respect and care of things A short story about respect and care for things
A Doorway to the World Prevent the abuse of computers A short story about animal care and love of nature
The Invisible King of the Jungle Honesty and reliability A short story about pretending and threatening others
Black and White Punctuality and respect A short story for children about colors
The Day the Stork Stole the Wedding Fairness and honesty Cuento para evitar las pequeñas mentiras y desobediencias
An Insignificant Task Responsibility y constancy A story to teach responsibility
Fiona Famous True friendship A short story about true friendship
The Viking With a Hundred Horns Austerity A story about how pride and ostentation leads to defeat
Clever Clark’s Superpowers Effort. Separating fact and fiction A short story about abilities and power
The Runaway Palace Self-control and good character Cuento para evitar la ira y las respuestas violentas
The Cave of Fear Courage, value things for what they are and not what they seem A short story about fear
Evil Tellies Time management, don't waste time with television A story that teaches how not to be obsessed with watching tv
Tuton the Planet Eater Generosity A short story teaching children to give than to receive
The Baby Spuddle Generosity and unresentful A short story that teaches children to be generous
Tony, the Human Wasp Courage, wit, guts, bravery, intelligence A short story teaching children to be brave over fear and bullying
The Prince and the Toymaker Sharing and Generosity Cuento para aprender a compartir los juguetes
The Seeds Perseverance and tenacity. Take advantage of setbacks to grow A short story about extraordinary strength during growth
Raindrop, Snowflake Teamwork and collaboration A story about how teamwork makes everyone achieve the impossible
A Ray of Moonlight Respect and civility A short story about respect and its reward
Kraton’s Labyrinth Patience A short story about the effect of impatience
Two Kinds of Justice Justice and compassion A short story about true justice
The Incredible Black Rain Optimism and being positive A short story about optimism
Two Friends in a Little Trouble order A short story about keeping things in order
The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids Combat fear of the dark A story to combat the fear of the dark
The Girl with the Beautiful Face Avoiding superficiality A short story about true love behind a beautiful face
The Last Thousand Dragons Joy and healthy life A story that teaches children to bring joy to others
The Sweet Witch Kindness and helping others A short story about helping others
Mirror with a Malfunction Goodness and generosity Short story about caring for others
The greedy cloud Generosity and envy effects A story about generosity
The Warrior's Arrows Prevent and combat violence against conformity A short story about how to protect life
Bigmouth Fox Trust, loyalty and discretion Short story about discretion
The Sword of Peace Love peace; hate war A tale about peace
An Unexpected Arrival Dealing with the loss of a mother A Story about dealing with the loss of a mother
The Chair Real friendship A short story about identifying real friends.