Read and download our Workbook of Values!

Here you are what we have called "The workbook of Values", based on a similar work we developed for the Spanish version of our site. But this time, we have included a few improvements.

This is a short stories book, a selection of those stories you can find at this site, including illustrations and explanations regarding different values, and some activities to enjoy while learning. The cute drawings included in the book were created by Jodie Mackrell, at

Feel free to browse this workbook as a slideshow clicking in the image below-clicking the center will open the full screen mode-. You can also download and save it to your computer, in order to print it or use with your children, even at school. Moreover, we encourage you to pass it along to your friends and colleages, or to publish it at your blog, as long as you do not modify it and link to our site as the source of the book.


Our goal with this book is to reach and help as many kids as possible, so don't be afraid to share it. Enjoy!

To download this workbook, right click this link and select "Save as..." ---> download file


es muy interesante

es muy interesante

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing something so wonderful and useful :)

This is amazing!!!! Thank you

This is amazing!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, this just proves how much you care for children!!!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing

so much effort - and for

so much effort - and for free! THANK YOU!!!
a mom from South Africa :-)

Amazing stories......very

Amazing stories......very very useful.......loved it....thankyou.....for the work....

i like this website which

i like this website which inspires not only childrens buyt also elders

anjum from bangalore

Thank you for such a valuable

Thank you for such a valuable resource. Nowadays, we need to teach morals and values more than ever as part of our everyday curriculum. I am happy to have all of these put together to teach my elementary school students. I will share the page with other colleagues, this is a must have . Denise Aleman, PR

This is exactly what I need.

This is exactly what I need. My son has been making fun of a little girl at school. We as his parents realized we need to teach him better about accepting those of us who are differeny. If we were all teh same the world would be a VERY boring place.


Thank you for your stories.

Thank you for your stories.