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How can I educate my children with so little time?

A world without values, a world with no time

We often think about our children's future and wonder how to combat a lack of values. How can we make generosity, hard work and respect part of their lives?
And what about us? Restricted by exhausting jobs and lifestyles, we barely have the time and energy to seek solutions. 

small children
"Don't let your child's mind be ruled by laziness. Don't allow their spirit to give up in the face of a world without values. Avoiding this is well within your reach, it won't cost you any time and is much easier than you imagine."

What about when you aren't with them?

We all know that it's our responsibility to educate and stimulate our children when we are with them. But this time is limited, and that's why it's so important to continue the process when we're away or can't give them our attention.
This is exactly where we can help you.

The damaging influence of television

Parents' lack of time and children's boredom mean that television and other negative influences progressively hook our children for increasing amounts of time, while dragging down their minds with the ills of laziness and passivity.

Pedro Pablo Sacristán

My own story

From the middle of 2005, with two small children and the very same concerns, I too spent time trying to find solutions to this conundrum of children, values, stimulation and lack of time.

After many months of study and work, in 2007 I found the solution: to renew and update the oldest form of teaching: the story. I then set to work, aiming to make the story my children's best teacher.

I didn't manage to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together: I spent countless hours and finally quit my old job. But thanks to a little persistence Bedtime Stories now exists, and I'm pleased to say that it has helped many people fit together the pieces of their own puzzle.

Nosotros los

".....I recognise their great creativity, but am even more impressed by their content, so full of richness and beautiful messages that should fill us with joy and cheer, but above all with good will and values...
...…if evil beings were to hear these stories, they would surely become human...."

Victor Baeza,writer, composer and general manager of Nosotros los Ninos (We the Children)

The audio stories will do much more for your children than you would imagine

Counterbalancing the effects of television

 With television, even the most educational animations have a downside: audio and video captivate the child's attention and dominate their senses. Therefore, when watching television the brain only takes in and processes information, which is a very primitive function in any animal.

This annuls the higher level brain functions that are so characteristic of human beings, particularly those of a creative nature. 



Brain activity

Importance of reading
"The best example of high level brain activity is reading. When reading we generate images from words . This extraordinarily complex, creative process is exclusive to humans.

Therefore the ability to read and understand a text is one of the best indicators of academic performance and professional success: the more we read, the more our brains work on higher processing tasks."
 Preparation for reading

Preparation for reading

Up to 7 or 8 years old, children do not read fluently, and listening to stories without imagery is the best alternative for carrying out higher level tasks: when internally visualising the content of the audio story the brain is creating images and countering the effects of television.

So the audio story is excellent training for the brain years before beginning to read.

Inculcating values when you aren't there

The best way to teach values is by example. Unfortunately we often can't spend a lot of time with our children, and neither can we continually accompany them in situations that test our values. 

One pedagogical advantage of narrated stories is that they allow you to live and learn ""in the shoes of others"". Children identify with story characters and imagine themselves within the story. They absorb their own lessons and morals from this process, and store them in memory along with their real-life experiences. 

So, with the right kind of stories, we can teach our children even without having to deal with a lot of real-life situations. This is known as Preventive Education, which is one of the most successful pillars of child education..

Inculcating values when you aren't there
"...…Dear Pedro Pablo, I have read your stories, and I have to say I think they are wonderful. They are so good that I would like to ask you whether we could reproduce some of your stories in a series for primary schools in Mexico…?..."

  Prof. Margarito Cruz Morales,   Head of Educational Content Department at CONDUSEF ,  Jefe de departamento Contenidos Educativos en CONDUSEF
Car journeys

Make the most of car journeys

Short daily trips are a great opportunity: a familiar environment with little visual attraction makes children more receptive.

The audio stories will activate their imagination and higher brain activity. So, while they are relaxing and having fun you'll be educating them.
And none of this will require any time investment on your part.

Beware, not all stories are of equal value

Unfortunately, many stories lack the necessary characteristics for boosting brain activity and teaching values; they amount to nothing more than simple entertainment. However, all our stories have been created with the former objectives.

Good stories

  ==>  Full of colour, trong characters and easily recreated scenes that motivate the brain to imagine..

  ==> Free of literary distractions that children don't know how to deal with.

  ==> Short and uncomplicated, avoiding the fatigue that limits children's attention.

  ==> They demonstrate real values in action, without preaching, enabling the child to learn from the experiences of story characters and make this experience their own.

  ==>Original and creative; ensuring they will stay in the child's memory.

  ==> Professionally narrated, which adds meaning and emotion via tone of voice thus activating the imagination.

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Yolanda López, Mother, and School Libraries advocate

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