Biography of Pedro Pablo Sacristan

In consideration of all friends who have shown a sincere interest in knowing the person behind all these stories, here I include a brief biography.

I warn you that I consider myself still very young to have a biography as such :-)) and that my life is far from what we can expect for a traditional writer: it is much more simple and common. Indeed, due to the lack of relevant facts, this short story is mostly an informal "tell me your life". I hope not to bore you too much :-)

"I was born in Madrid in 1973. I am the second of six children and studied at the private school where my father worked as an athletic trainer, so despite being part of a very modest family (growing up 6 wonderful children and giving them a great education with a teacher's salary is almost a miracle in Spain), I had a good education in an atmosphere of deep Christian roots.

I didn't live a troubled youth nor a traumatic childhood nor anything you may be used to hear from biographies: I was a studious kid, good athlete and very well behaved boy. Despite my love for writing, philosophy, psychology and other humanities, I studied aeronautical engineering. I also had a great passion for applied sciences, but never got to practice as such.
I ended getting a pretty good successful job in a large multinational, marrying my lifelong girlfriend and having two children in a short time. At this point, which I reached relatively soon, I had achieved the usual life goals of our modern society. But then I discovered that was not the kind of empty and routine life I wanted.

Since then I embarked on a passionate search, in an attempt to give a bit more meaning to my life. Always supported by my wife, I shook my routine. I spent endless nigths studying other topics, delving into psychology, personal development and brain related studies. I majored in economics and graduated as an executive MBA at a prestigious business school, trying to be prepared to start new businesses, but also to be able to understand the world we live into.
I abandoned any previous professional ambition and devoted more time to my family. I have continued devoting much time to study in the fields of teaching and education, mostly on my own, but also including a master in family counseling. The best and most evident outcome of this maelstrom is Bedtime Stories, a project that combines my great love for writing stories, a disguised vocation for education and my deep knowledge in the fields of technology.

When I started writing the stories I created for my children every night, I never thought that could lead to something so exciting, or that would grow so fast and so successfully. Bedtime Stories has allowed me to know great people, to better know myself and my own values, putting them to test everyday, and finally, it allows me to enjoy every hour I spend on this adventure. I still can not make a living on writing books (which are on the way), nor on storytelling performances, nor on talking at workshps, but my life is much more meaningful and enjoyable now ... "

You see, I can not keep going because the most important parts of my life are to be written :-))
I hope that is enough for those of you who want to know me a little better, but not enough to put anyone to sleep .... :-))