Picture Bedtime Stories

Título Educational Value Dibujo
Tony, the Human Wasp Courage, wit, guts, bravery, intelligence A short story teaching children to be brave over fear and bullying
The Magic Window Friendship and care A short story for children about friendship
The Sweet Witch Kindness and helping others A short story about helping others
A Doorway to the World Prevent the abuse of computers A short story about animal care and love of nature
The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids Combat fear of the dark A story to combat the fear of the dark
The Hair Thief Sincerity when talking to children A story about sincerity with sons
The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher Obedience A story about obedience to those who love us
Bula, the traveller Generosity and sacrifice. Avoid materialism A short story set in the town of Bethlehem
An Octopus in Trouble Gratitude and Bravery A story about gratitude
Boobuan monkeys Avoid consumerism Story to avoid consumerism
Robot with a Virus Tidiness and Solidarity A short story about tidiness and solidarity
The Grumpy Tree Generosity, nature caring A story about generosity
The Monster in the Wardrobe Bravery and tolerance A short story to overcome fear of darkness and monsters
Christmas Presents Celebrate the true values ​​of Christmas A short story to teach chirldren the true meaning of Christmas
The Outing Self acceptance A short story to avoid making fun on other's physical characteristics
Chocolate Tears Friendship A short story to make friends
The Magic Tree Good manners A story for kids to teach good manners
Waking Nightmare Self confidence A short story to build self confidence
Humility among the Animals Humility and fair play A story for kids about humility
The Drawing That Talked Effort and joy A story about effort and practice with joy to improve
Fleabags Teamwork A story about teamwork and collaboration
The Singing Hippo acceptance, avoid envy A short story about  avoiding envy
The Tidy Toys Tidiness and carefulness A short story aboyt tidiness
The Incompetent Genie cleanliness and order A short story about being clean and in order
Trouble in the Science Class Being calm A short and funny story about being calm
The Painter, the Dragon, and the Titan Prevent abuse and the "pecking order" A story that teaches children not to abuse their strength and size to give order
The Good Pirate Freedom and self guiding A short story about the freedom to choose our path
The Bad Neighbours Communication. Do not judge others's intentions. A short story to teach not to judge others' actions
Edward and the Dragon Cleverness A short story about a dragon and a knight
The Last Dinosaurs Adaptability and flexibility A short story about dinosaurs
The Pleaseometer Avoid to feel envy A Santa's story about generosity
The Photographic Elephant Effort and perseverance Short story about perseverance
Batbird endurance A story that teaches children to endure discomforts and incovenience in life
The Wicked Prince Sincerity and responsibility A short story to teach sincerity
The Mystery of the Missing Coin Overcoming shyness A short story to overcome shyness
The Full Warren Generosity and friendship Short story about generosity
The Stepmother Avoid prejudice and being judgmental A short story teaching children not to accusatively judge others