The Warrior's Arrows

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Prevent and combat violence against conformity

Main Lesson

Life is full of good and bad, but many of our actions are determined by what we choose to focus on.


A forest


A warrior and his arrows

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The Warrior's Arrows

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Moral stories for kids

A short story about how to protect life

Of all the warriors in the service of the evil Morlan, Jerry was the most fierce and the most cruel. His eyes would find the most cautious of enemies, and his bow and arrows would soon finish them off.

One day, while plundering a great palace, the warrior found some gleaming, fast-flying arrows that had belonged to the Princess there, and he didn't hesitate to take them and put them aside for some special occasion.

When those arrows joined the rest of Jerry's weapons and learnt of his terrible cruelty they bitterly protested and regretted their new situation.
Being accustomed to the Princess's games and tournaments, the arrows didn't want to kill anyone.

-"There's nothing you can do!"

said the other arrows,

-"You'll just have to murder some poor traveller, kill a horse or whatever else, …don't ever dream of returning to your old life…"

-"Well, we've had an idea,"

replied the new arrivals.

However, the archer was never far from his bow and arrows, and the new arrows got to see Jerry's terrifying life from close up. They travelled so far at his side that they got to see the sadness and disappointment in the warrior's eyes, and they came to understand that this savage fighter had never seen any other kind of life.

Time passed, and Jerry was given a mission to kill the King's daughter. Jerry thought this occasion merited using one of his new arrows. He prepared himself as always: hidden in the bushes, his eyes fixed on the victim, the bow flexed, the arrow ready, waiting for the right moment and…fire!

But the arrow didn't pierce the beautiful young girl's heart. Instead, it took a strange, slow and majestic flightpath, and it ended up in the ground, next to some iris flowers of incredible beauty. Jerry, surprised, came over and collected the stupid arrow. But doing so he couldn't help but see the delicate but resplendent flowers, and he felt that he had never seen anything so beautiful…

A few minutes later Jerry looked again at his intended victim, to load another of his new arrows into his bow. But again the shot missed, and after another strange flightpath the gleaming arrow ended up in a tree from where Jerry could hear the most joyful singing of a flock of birds…

And so it continued, one after another, the gleaming arrows missed their target, flying elsewhere to show the warrior the small details that fill the World with beauty. Arrow by arrow, his hunter's eyes and mind was changing, until the final arrow landed only a few yards from the young Princess, from where Jerry could see her beauty from close up - the same beauty that he had been about to destroy.

And then it was that the warrior woke from his nightmare of death and destruction, wanting to exchange it for a life of beauty and harmony. And after renouncing Morlan's wicked deeds, Jerry forever abandoned his life as a killer, dedicating all his efforts to protecting life and anything else that was deserving.

All he kept was the bow and his gleaming arrows, the ones that always knew best where to direct his gaze.

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