Tony, the Human Wasp

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Courage, wit, guts, bravery, intelligence

Main Lesson

Even when we’re much weaker, we can defend ourselves from bullies by using what they themselves fear.


A school


A boy and several school bullies

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Tony, the Human Wasp

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Moral stories for kids

A short story teaching children to be brave over fear and bullying

Tony set off for home again without having eaten. As usual, one of the older boys had taken his packed lunch, threatening to give him a good hiding. On his way, Tony stopped at the park and sat on a bench, trying to control his anger. As he was a sensitive and intelligent boy, before long he had managed to forget it, and was busy enjoying the plants and the flowers. He suddenly saw a wasp flying about among the rosebushes, and it gave him a bit of a fright.

While getting away from the roses, a thought came into his head. How is it that something so much smaller than himself could frighten him like that?

That was just what he needed to do himself, against the older boys!

He spent a while looking at the insects, and by the time he arrived home he had a good understanding of the wasp's trick; it was fear. A wasp could never fight a person, but everyone was so afraid of its sting that they left the wasp in peace. So Tony spent that night wondering what his 'sting' could be. He tried to think of what frightened those bigger boys.

The next day, Tony seemed like a new boy. No longer did he walk with his gaze on the ground, nor did he look away when people spoke to him. He was confident, ready to face up to anyone, with his mind on his new role of frightening people, and on his back he carried a backpack full of 'stings'.

The boy who stole his packed lunch that day ate an extremely hot sausage sandwich. The sausage was so spicy that he ended up crying and coughing. Never again did he want to eat anything belonging to Tony. Another older boy wanted to hit Tony, but this time Tony didn't run away. From memory, he told him the phone numbers of his parents, his teacher, and the boy's own mother,

-"If you hit me they'll all find out, and you'll be severely punished,"

Tony told him, looking at the boy so determinedly and bravely that the boy left him alone. Another bully wanted to take one of Tony's toys. Instead of giving him it in fear, Tony gave the boy a small card written by a policeman he knew. It read

-"If you rob this boy I’ll come after you and I'll even lock you up."

The tactic worked.

Just like Tony had been afraid of their beatings, those big kids too were afraid of many things. On one occasion, a bully hit him a couple of times, and Tony had to be brave and carry out his warning. The bully got such a fright that from that day he preferred to protect Tony.

So, in the end, Tony became like the wasp he'd seen. Without even having to sting anyone, he frightened them, and ensured that no one would mess with him.

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

To face bullies you have to be brave. Do you think Tony could have carried on his plan if he had been driven by fear? However, he certainly was still afraid. How do you think he overcome his fear? Have you ever experience a similar situation? How could you change yourself to be so brave?

Let's talk!

We often act as if fighting was the only way to solve a clash, but Tony found more creative ways. Tell your child about a chance when you found a creative way to solve a conflict with someone, andtell her also about a chance when you ended fighting. Now compare both situations and their final results.

Why don't you try this?

Bullies avoid bullying on brave childs with plenty of friends. To train you on bravery, make a list decorated with a picture of Tony. In that list, write down those things that scare you. Each week, select one of those fears to overcome it accompanied by one of your friends. Once you finish you list, you will be braver and have closer friends

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