The Sweet Witch

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Kindness and helping others

Main Lesson

Goodness consists mainly in helping others.


Land of the witches


Wicked witches, a good little witch, and some children

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The Sweet Witch

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Moral stories for kids

A short story about helping others

There was once a very special little witch. She was special because she was good hearted, but she had no idea how to put that into practice. From the time when she very young, she had been told off many times by the witches. They told her she had to be wicked like all the rest of them. The little witch suffered greatly; she didn't want to be wicked. All her spells were a disaster, and she couldn't find anyone to teach her how to put her goodness into action. So the little witch was sad most of the time.

One day she heard that the old witches were planning to cast a spell on a big mountain and turn it into a volcano, which would destroy a small town. The good little witch thought about how she could prevent this, but she didn't really know how to. When she went to speak to the townsfolk to warn them, they threw her out and pelted her with stones, shouting

-"Get away from here, witch!"

The little witch ran off, and sat crying at the side of the road. Soon a few children came by and, seeing her crying, tried to console her. She told them that she was a good witch, but she didn't know how to put her goodness into practice, and that everyone treated her badly. The children told her that being good was very easy. All you had to do was help others, do good deeds for them.

-"And what can I do for you guys?", asked the witch.

-"You could give us some sweets!"

they told her, happily. The witch was very embarrassed; she had no sweets on her, and she knew no spell for making them. But the children didn't mind, and off they went to play.

Feeling somewhat encouraged by this, the little witch set off for her cave ready to help everyone. However, on her way, she came across the old witches casting their spell on the mountain. The mountain had already turned into a volcano and was beginning to spit fire. The little witch wanted to prevent this happening, but she didn't know how. Then a whole load of magic words came into her head. She said them and, before she knew it, the fire on the mountain had turned into a stream of sweets. The mountain launched thousands of sweets into the air and they fell onto the town below.

And that's how the little witch learned how to do good; by sincerely wanting to help others. The children realised that all this had been thanks to her, and they let everyone know. From that day onwards, no one in the town thought of her, or treat her, like a wicked witch. She made friends with everyone there, and did what she could to help them.

And in memory of her spell, since then they always called her The Sweet Witch.

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

It's hard for the littly witch to be good. Have you ever experience that doing the right thing was not easy? What helped you to move forward to end doing the right thing? How did you feel then?

Let's talk!

What bad witches made to the little witch is very common. Maybe you have also been pressured to make something that was wrong. Share that story with your child, telling her how important is to not be swayed by negative influences

Why don't you try this?

You could dress up as the good witch for Halloween. You can play a little game: you can't talk to anyone before they guess what you are disguised. Thus you will have to be very much kind and helpful. Once they guess it, you can tell them how did you get the idea

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