Thieves in the Garden

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Avoid prejudices

Main Lesson

We should not judge people by their appearance only but rather for what they are underneath.


Insects living in a garden


A beetle, a ladybird and a spider

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Thieves in the Garden

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Un cuento de insectos

Word had spread that there were thieves in the garden. Mr Beetle feared his house would be next given that everybody knew he had just finished gathering in his supply of food for the year.

That day he decided to be on the lookout from the window of his house. Using a spyglass, he watched everything that moved and saw a dangerous black spider and a pretty ladybird approach at the same time. The beetle would have loved to go and speak to the ladybird but he had to protect his house from the spider. The spider came closer so, plucking up all his courage, he went out to the front door to confront him.

It took a while to scare him off but eventually the beetle returned triumphantly to his house, only to find that the door was open and all his food had disappeared. When he stepped outside again, he had just enough time to see the ladybird in the distance making off with all the food

Feeling upset, he went to report it to the garden police, who told him that they had thought he might be next and so had sent their best agent - a spider who had recently arrived as back-up - to help him. That’s how the beetle learned not to judge others by their appearance.

(Story translated by Maciek Madejowski/ Julie Spink at Manchester Metropolitan University)

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