The Stepmother

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Avoid prejudice and being judgmental

Main Lesson

It is most unfair and mistaken to allow ourselves to judge based on appearance or superfluous things like race, beauty or name.


A classroom


A stepmother, her daughters, and a class full of children

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The Stepmother

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Moral stories for kids

A short story teaching children not to accusatively judge others

One day, Miss Ellis arrived at class accompanied by a young woman and two girls. "Today I have brought Cinderella and Snow White with me. They are accompanied by Cruela, their stepmother." Such an introduction certainly suggested they would discover something of interest that day, and that the teacher had done sufficient lesson preparation.

When everyone was seated, and Mrs. Cruela was preparing to speak, all the classroom lights went out. Amid the darkness two tremendous slaps could be heard, and a short time afterwards both Cinderella and Snow White could be heard crying. Just then, the lights came on again and everyone could see the two girls weeping.

-"Who did that?"

asked Miss Ellis.

Without hesitating, all the children pointed at the stepmother. Mrs. Cruela shook her head, but at that moment the lights went off again. Then two loud thumps resounded around the classroom, and Clara and Phillip began crying. When the lights came on again the two of them were weeping and looking angrily at the stepmother, who everyone was pointing at accusatively. The stepmother began to speak again, saying she was innocent, but again the lights went out.

However, this time it took only a couple of seconds for the lights to come back on. When they did, everyone could see what was happening: Cinderella and Snow White were running towards Charlie and Robert, with their arms raised, ready to hit the children. Seeing this, all the children asked Cruela to forgive them. In reality she was a very nice, kind woman, who didn’t know what to do with her rebellious stepdaughters, who she loved greatly but who would cause problems wherever they went…

-"And that’s what I wanted to teach you all today, children,"

said Miss Ellis.

-"Let us not make judgments based on prejudice and surface appearances like race, beauty, or even names. That would be the most unfair thing we could do, don’t you think?"

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

Do you see how easilly we can think ill of someone without any grounded reason? Have you ever do so regarding your classmates? How should you act when you think someone has done something bad, but you are not sure it was hit who did it?

Let's talk!

Probably you have ever misjudged someone that ended being a good friend of you. Tell your child about that person, explaining why did you misjudge her, how did you realize about your error and why you were lucky to change your mind about that person

Why don't you try this?

Two iniquitous prejudices are racism and xenofobia. You can fight them creating a big table. Columns will be different races and nationalities, while rows will be common good and bad qualities. The goal is to prove that qualities belong to each single person by filling in the table with pictures of persons from every race and nationality who have each quality.

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