The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher

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Main Lesson

Behind the rules laid out by those who love us lies a desire to help us and protect us, even though it might not seem so to us


A supermarket


A butcher and a carnivorous plant

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The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher

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A story about obedience to those who love us

Flora was a carnivorous plant, but truly in the meat-eating sense. She lived in a supermarket, next to her friend Porky the butcher's counter. Porky treated her with great affection and attention, and always had some morsel of meat to give her at the end of each day. But one day, Flora didn't get her ration of meat. Nor the next day, and she got so worried that she decided to spy on Porky.

What she found out was that he wasn't giving her anything because he was putting lots of big slabs of meat in a big yellow box. Pretending not to know anything about it, Flora asked Porky if she could have a little of the food kept in the yellow box. He responded very severely that she could not, and added,

"Don't even think about it, Flora! Don't ever think about touching the meat in that box".

The plant felt hurt, as well as hungry, and she couldn't stop wondering who Porky was keeping all that delicious-looking meat for. With her negative thoughts she was filling up with anger. That very night, when the shop was empty, she went over to the box, opened it, and ate that meat until her belly ached...

The next morning, when Porky arrived and discovered the theft, Flora felt terrible. He asked her several times whether she had taken the meat. At first she denied it, but seeing Porky's worry and nerves she decided to confess.

"What have you done? You reckless thing!" Porky exploded, "I told you not to touch it! All that meat was poisoned!! That's why I haven't been able to give you anything for days. They sent us a spoiled delivery..."

Without delay, they found a Pharmabotanovet, with a Greenhouse-hospital, who managed to save Flora's life. She was already feeling great pain in her roots, and her leaves were changing colour. The shock hit everyone hard, but at least Flora learnt to stick to the rules set by those who most love us. That's much safer than just doing whatever you want.

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

Parents often forbid children to do certain things. Why do you think they do? When parents are forbidding something to their children, how do you think they feel? Do you think they enjoy or have fun?

Let's talk!

Tell your child the story of a situation where you would have preferred to allow him to do something, yet you didn't for his sake. Explain him how do you feel when you are forbidding anything and how difficult it is to explain these things so that children can understand them.

Why don't you try this?

To remind your child that you do everything for his sake, you can make little cards with a picture of the carnivorous plant. Every time you ask for something that he does not understand, you can give him one of those cards to remind him of this story.

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OMG!!!!!!!!!I have to do a

OMG!!!!!!!!!I have to do a stink story on plants ewwwww..........