The Prisoners

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Learn to treat people with deficiencies

Main Lesson

We need to learn to accept people with deficiencies. We can do this by putting ourselves in their place, and trying to help them.


Any place in the present day


A boy and a girl

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The Prisoners

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Moral stories for kids

A story to learn to treat people with deficiencies and down syndrome

Walter felt trapped. He saw himself as a normal boy, who really wanted to learn, play, and enjoy himself. But nothing turned out the way he wanted. No one around him seemed to understand what he said, no matter how much he would gesture, shout, or wave his arms about. And to top it all, not even his own body would do what he wanted. Sometimes he tried to talk, and all that came out were senseless noises. Or he would try to pick something up, and his hands would throw it to the floor. Or he would try to hug his mother, and end up shoving her away. And sometimes he couldn't even think straight.
All this made him feel very angry and powerless, and many people around him grew to believe that he was a dangerous, aggressive boy. They would leave him alone and take no interest in him. When this happened, Walter felt sad, and thought to himself: "If only they knew what it is like to be me..."
Then, one day, Walter met Alice, a wonderful special little girl. She seemed to be the only person who understood his suffering. With great patience, she spent hours and hours teaching Walter how to control his hands, how to say words properly, and how to control his wild thoughts. And when, after a long time and lots of care, Walter was ready, Alice helped him understand the mystery.
It only needed a couple of photographs, already somehow familiar to Walter, but on that occasion, being much better prepared to understand, he realised: Walter and Alice were normal children like everyone else, the only difference was that they were trapped inside disabled bodies.
And then, thanks to Alice, the doors of Walter's prison were flung open.

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