The potion and the wind

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Sense of humor

Main Lesson

Good sense of humor and smiling are the best ingredients to cope with adversity


A forest at night


The wind and a witch

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The potion and the wind

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A tale about good sense of humor

Dark night at the forest. The wind shakes the leaves of trees, as if to extract its essence to take away and join their large collection of sounds, each taken from a different place. Today, the wind is full of anger, fights, crying, insults, threats. "Nothing useful," thinks the witch, just before the wind brings a smile to their domains; it is a simple smile, wanting to exist, and the witch traps it quickly, without hesitation.

"That's it," said satisfied. His biggest secret, his most powerful spell, its most valuable potion is finally complete. As always, he will help thousand recipients to overcome adversity, giving the ancient even more fame in the region, if it is possible at all. And as always, too, they will wonder what dark arts were used to create such a powerful potion.
But the magician will not reveal his secret, How could he say its just a mix of 3 smiles and gentle good humor, and that this is more than enough to tackle all the ills? Nobody would believe him, so he won't lose time with explanations; just will travel to the forest at night, close to the area next to the oak, where the wind brings from time to time a fresh smile.

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