Grandmother’s Favourite Doll

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Respect and care of things

Main Lesson

Things can be enjoyed so much more when we treat them with care.


An ordinary town some years ago


A grandmother, a girl, and a doll

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Grandmother’s Favourite Doll

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Moral stories for kids

A short story about respect and care for things

A little girl had a doll she loved so much that she would treat it with great care and infinite delicacy, despite the fact that her friends would laugh at her for being so careful.

As time passed, the girl grew up, moved houses, became an adult, married, had children, and finally became an adorable little old woman with many grandchildren.

One day, she returned to her original town, and finding her old house abandoned, she went in. Among hundreds of old things and souvenirs, the now-old little girl found her doll. It was as well looked after as it always had been. She took it home with her to give to her granddaughter, and her granddaughter loved it.

Each time the old woman saw the little girl playing with it, tears of joy would roll down her cheeks, and she was so glad that she had looked after the doll so well, so that now she could enjoy it as much as she had when she was a girl, seeing it now in the hands of her granddaughter

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