The Brave Boy and the Multicoloured Ghost

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Courage and overcoming

Main Lesson

Every child can overcome the fear of the dark by modifying his/her own thoughts and expectations


A large enchanted castle


A child and a ghost

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The Brave Boy and the Multicoloured Ghost

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A short story to overcome fears

Once upon a time, a boy went on his holidays to a great castle. He ran through all the rooms and corridors, apart from one wing, which he never entered for fear of the darkness there.
In that part of the castle lived a frightened multicoloured ghost. He had never left that area because he was afraid of the light.

Both the boy and the ghost tried to overcome their fear several times, but without success. That was, until one day when the boy summoned up all his courage, and started crossing the dark corridor. He managed to do this by imagining that his friends had organised a surprise party for him, and were waiting in the darkness.

The boy and the ghost met there, and soon became great friends. So friendly did they become that the boy helped the ghost overcome his fear of the light.

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