A place where it rains chocolate

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A love of reading

Main Lesson

Reading encourages imagination and creativity, and nurtures our ability to produce good ideas


A town anywhere


A girl, her grandmother and another child

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A place where it rains chocolate

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Moral stories for kids

Un cuento para alimentar la imaginación y la creatividad con la lectura

Vera was known as ‘the madwoman’s grand-daughter’. The grandmother had spent half of her life insisting that she could see into the future and issuing prophecies which nobody understood.

Vera had never actually known her, but no one would ever have suspected that the smiling, sweet old lady in the family photos was crazy. That is why Vera was so excited when she discovered a note from her grandmother hidden in an old jewellery box.

The note said, ‘There is a place where chocolate rains from the sky and there is a great treasure: whoever finds it will be rich’.

Vera went out in search of the treasure immediately and secretly began walking around every corner of the mountains, searching for a place where it rained chocolate. But wherever she went, it was water that fell as rain. In the valleys, caves, rivers, deserts, forests and meadows.
Always water.

One day, she was crying by the roadside, downhearted, when a child came up. “Why are you crying?”

“Because all the clouds are full of water!” Waah!

“Of course they are!” responded the child, “what do you want them to rain: chocolate?”


“That would be incredible. I would love it if it rained chocolate. It would be just like a story I read when I was a child/younger”

Vera stopped crying. A story? What if her grandmother was talking about a book? Anything could happen in a book… it could rain chocolate! Without saying another word, she gave the child a huge hug and ran to the library in search of a story where it was raining chocolate. Surely this was the clue to finding the treasure.
Vera spent that whole day, and many after it, in the library, looking for the book with chocolate clouds. She found rainbow dreams, singing seas, forests of smiles, but no trace of the chocolate rain.

Not even after a week. Nor a month. Not even a year. But because she knew it existed, she was determined to keep looking for it.

Eventually the day came when the books ran out and she didn’t know what to do.
“If you can’t find the book you are looking for, why don’t you write it?” said the librarian, trying to console her.

“Well, because that isn’t good enough. I’m looking for something in particular” she responded.

But on the way home, she couldn’t get the librarian’s idea out of her head and thought up a wonderful story of chocolate clouds that she couldn’t resist writing down when she got to her room. While writing and playing around with that sweet rain in her imagination, thousands of new stories and ideas popped into her head, each one more fun and original. She created new worlds and creatures effortlessly, bringing them to life on paper and in others’ imaginations. It was then that Vera discovered that her grandmother was right. She had read so much that her mind was in itself a treasure that gave her endless ideas for writing, talking, learning and even inventing. As result of all this, Vera gained everyone’s respect and admiration.

And she felt very rich, because she wouldn’t swap her little head, where it rained chocolate, for anything - not even for all the gold in the world

Translated by Toni Wainwright, Ellie Bradbury, Josie Maguire and Lewis Hughes, Manchester Metropolitan University

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

When we read, it is easier to get new ideas. What do you think would happen to somebody who has never read a book or a story? How do you think things were taught and learnt before books existed? What advantages do books have? What disadvantages?

Let's talk!

Talk to your child about a book you liked when you were a child, and one that you remember sparked our imagination and offered new ways of looking at things. Ask them to tell you what their favourite books have been and what they have taught them. If you have ever actually written your own stories, it would be a good idea to share your motivations and what writing has brought to you.

Why don't you try this?

In addition to reading, writing is also excellent brain training, so I encourage you to take part in a variety of weekly writing competitions. This could be inventing new words, coming up with the funniest metaphor, creating the longest sentence or even writing the happiest story etc… Everyone can vote for a winner per contest and a prize can be given as a way of boosting self-esteem.

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