The Pet Sack

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Main Lesson

What we give, we receive. To receive the good we must give it.


A town, long ago


A knight, a magic bag, and an old woman

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The Pet Sack

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Moral stories for kids

A short story to teach that what we give, we receive
Since he was very young, Matt had spent all his spare time and efforts trying to find the Pet Sack, the most famous thing the great magician, Stardust, had ever created. No one knew what was inside the sack to make it so special, but rumours were that that pet bag was so special that it could do whatever its master asked of it. As Matt reached adulthood he became a powerful knight, and was implacable in his quest, overcoming all obstacles. On the day all his efforts came to fruition, and he found the sack alive and hiding in a cave, Matt felt like the happiest man in the world. However, it turned out that the sack was far from being a good pet. Every time you asked something of it, it complained, even when the knight threatened to cut it up with his sword. If that bag got an idea in its head, there was no way to remove it. And the bag bit. The more Matt kicked the bag, the more the bag bit back. Disappointed after months of putting up with that insufferable sack, Matt decided to sell it at the market. Yet the bag was so shockingly impolite that hardly anyone came close enough to ask its price. One of the few who did so was Diana, a very old blind woman, known throughout the town for her kindness and optimism. "I'll take your pet, but I can't pay you very much." Matt felt relieved that he would finally be rid of his troublesome companion, but he couldn't help noticing how the sack was being so playful and affectionate towards the old lady. It was even dancing pirouettes. Overcome by surprise, Matt grabbed the bag back, but as soon as he did so, again it became aggressive, insufferable. Reddening with anger, he threw it to the ground, took his sword, and slashed the bag from top to bottom. What happened then left him terrified. Out of the torn bag leapt hundreds of tiny Matts, all furious and yelling, throwing their fury with full force at the knight. They may well have killed him, if it hadn't been for the fact that Diana bent down to take the bag. As she did this all the tiny Matts turned into kind little Dianas, ran back into the sack, closed the tear, and started playing with their new owner... And so it was, that Matt realised there was nothing in the sack which had not already been within himself. And with the same determination he had shown on his quest to find the sack, he set off on the quest of improving himself. He eventually met with such success on this second quest that, shortly before dying, the wonderful Diana placed the bag in his hands, thus beginning a new tale filled with such feats and marvels, that it would take a hundred books to recount.

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