The Cloud Dragon

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Trust and understanding

Main Lesson

We all have reasons for behaving as we do. It is better to be understanding and try to bring out the good that we all have in ourselves, rather than be judgemental and condemnatory.


A Kindom of dragons


A dragon and a prince

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The Cloud Dragon

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A short story about the adventure of a terrible dragon

In the dark lands of the witches and the trolls, there lived, a long time ago, the most terrible dragon that had ever existed. His magic powers enabled him to take on cloud form, so he could move as fast as the wind. He could make himself as light as a feather, and take any form, from a simple lamb to a fierce ogre. And, being a cloud dragon, he was the only creature capable of firing not only flames from his mouth, but also brilliant lightning bolts.

The cloud dragon would attack towns and villages just for pleasure, for the simple fact of hearing people’s cries at his terrible appearances. But he only really found true fun when the humans would send one of their knights and heroes to try to kill him. On those occasions he would entertain himself by making interminable rains fall on their armour, or sending little lightning bolts that would scorch the knights and make all their hair stand up. Then he would transform himself into a dense fog, and, the knight, unable to see anything around himself, wasn’t even aware that the cloud he was in was rising and starting to fly. And after playing with the knight in the air for a good while, by which point the knight would be completely dizzy, the dragon would return to his natural form, leaving the poor hero floating in mid-air. Then he wouldn't be able to stop laughing, his flames of laughter licking at the knight as he fell at a great velocity into the mountain snows where, hurt, frozen and singed, the abandoned knight would have to search for the long route home.

Only young Yela, the King’s youngest son, who had long been famous for his constant naughtiness, felt some kind of sympathy for the dragon. Something inside told him that there couldn’t be anyone who was really as bad as that and, as had happened to him from an early age, the dragon would be able to learn to behave well. So, when he went in search of the dragon, he did so without shield or armour, totally unarmed, ready to find out what it was that made the dragon behave as he did.

As soon as the dragon saw the young Prince coming, he began his repertoire of tricks and teasing. Yela found his tricks were really unique, even amusing, and he dared to enjoy those moments spent with the dragon. When Yela was finally dropped into the snow, he got up, singed and hurt, but smiling, and he shouted:

-"Come on! Again! Yee-haaa!"

The cloud dragon was surprised, but it seemed like he had been waiting for that for centuries, since he didn’t hesitate to repeat his tricks and even add some more, for the young Prince’s enjoyment. The dragon was having such fun that he began taking special care with his playmate, to the point that, when they stopped to rest a while, they did it together, smiling, like two good friends.

Yela not only carried on letting the dragon play with him. The Prince himself started playing practical jokes, putting on shows, and being naughty, and together they created many new tricks. Finally, Yela got to know the dragon’s family, only to learn that, despite being hundreds of years old, the dragon was no more than a child; an enormous kid wanting to be naughty and have fun.

And so, the Prince was able to return to his Kingdom on a great cloud in the shape of a dragon, amid the joy and admiration of all. And with the help of children, comedians, actors and buffoons they managed to bring such joy to the young dragon's life that never again did he feel the need to harm anyone for entertainment. And as payment for all the fun the dragon provided rain, shade and fire to the Kingdom whenever it was needed.

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