Kraton’s Labyrinth

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Impatience can ruin even the best laid plans.


A long time ago, in a fairytale land


A monster and a wicked man

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Kraton’s Labyrinth

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A short story about the effect of impatience

At the deepest depths of the great mountain, in a huge labyrinth of tunnels created by the great wizards, there lived – imprisoned – the worst of beasts, a horrible creature who all knew as Kraton. He had been put there after terrorising the local population. It was a magic labyrinth with only one entrance and exit which changed its position every day.

But it so happened that there arrived in that land a man of wicked heart, nasty to the extreme, and his only wish was to rule over all the King’s people. His name was Jafa, and he was in such a hurry to fulfil his desire that, on hearing of the Kraton, he thought of liberating it to help him with his plans, no matter how dangerous the monster was.

So, Jafa travelled to the great mountain accompanied by all his slaves. There were many of them, and they were so afraid of their master that they didn’t take long to find the entrance to the labyrinth. One of these slaves, a very wise man, found out how to know the location of the exit each day, from outside, once Jafa was inside the mountain.

-“Only one thing more, my Lord,”

said the slave after explaining the system,

-“when you’re going to exit from the labyrinth, you should wait until it’s nighttime. Be sure not come out during daylight…”

And not wanting to hear any more, Jafa entered the labyrinth. From out of a great darkness, Jafa started calling for the monster, explaining to the monster his intentions. Jafa would free him from the labyrinth if, in return, Kraton would be at Jafa's service, terrorising the people there for at least ten years.

The monster shouted his agreement with Jafa's plan, since all he wanted to do was escape the labyrinth and wreak his revenge. After several days they found each other amid the blackest darkness, and there they cemented their terrible pact. Following the system recommended by Jafa's slave, they soon found the way out. On approaching it, brilliant sunlight played upon the exit. Jafa remembered his slave’s words. Filled with impatience, the wicked Jafa sat down to wait, but the beast, seeing itself free at last, didn’t want to listen to talk of waiting, and forgetting their agreement Kraton ran out of the labyrinth.

From inside, Jafa heard Kraton’s terrible screams of agony. He was scared, but also needed to go and see what had happened to the beast. And though he still remembered his slave's words, he decided to go out.

As soon as it touched Jafa's face, the sunlight and the light of a thousand mirrors that the wise slave had placed around the exit to illuminate that spot, entered Jafa's eyes. Eyes that, due to the darkness they had been in for days, were defenceless to the light, and duly burned out, leaving the impatient Jafa blind for the rest of his days, as had happened to the Kraton just moments earlier.

And so, both evil beings, blind, clumsy and impatient, could not even see how their plans had come apart, and remained punished for ever in a life of darkness, along with other creatures of the night.

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