A Forced Christmas

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Personal commitment to make a beeter world

Main Lesson

Changing and improving the world is a task that must begin with our own personal change and improvement


A city at Christmas time


A man and several people

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A Forced Christmas

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Moral stories for kids

A christmas story

There was once a man so sick of seeing so many bad things in the world, that a he wished that everyone would be good and have a Christmas feeling. And it turned out that, magically, his wish was fulfilled. At the street, everybody seemed happy and nobody was able to do evil. Some children threw stones at a dog, but by air, rocks became snow; a confused man crossed the road, and when the driver pulled out half the body through the window to shout something, he said good morning and wished him happy Season; a rich woman who was walking wrapped in her fur coat, passed along to a beggar, and when it seemed that she would further protect her purse, she grabbed it and gave it full with all the money and jewelry to the beggar.

Our man was plenty of happiness, but things changed when he went to pay at the supermarket. Cared cashier that it was going so poorly for lack of money, and thought to leave a tip just enough to take power after a hot chocolate, but before realizing it, without knowing too well how he had been stopped around the tip money carrying over. And if not what made him thank you very much, let alone liked it when instead of going to the gym climbed on the bus that was going to jail and spent a couple of hours visiting dangerous criminals in prison, and another couple of hours listening to the heavy chat a lonely old woman in the asylum, instead of going to see a beautiful play on Christmas, as planned.

Upset about anything, not knowing what pushed him to do so, he began to see that everyone had that perfect Christmas spirit because they had fulfilled their wish. But like himself, almost nobody was comfortable doing all those things fair and generous.
Then he realized the injustice that had been his wish: he had asked that all improve, that the world was made good when he was really far from the case. For years it had been thought good and just, but enough had a couple of days to show that it was all just a little good, just a little generous, just a bit fairer ... and worst of all, did not want that to change.

Some say that we are all like that man. There are also crazy that they say would be enough to change a man to change the world. And some of my favorites, say that the time has come to change this man just a little good to carry with us everywhere.

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