Colourful Animals

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Avoid prejudices and being open minded

Main Lesson

The animals believed the whole world must be just like their own part of it


A long time ago, when every species lived in their own land


Orange elephants, purple cows, dark blue crocodiles

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Colourful Animals

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A story to teach to be open minded

A long, long time ago each kind of animal lived in their own special land that was the same colour as themselves. It had always been this way, and no animal knew any different.

One day, in the land of the orange elephants, a little bird swore that he had seen some purple cows. No one believed him, so the bird asked them to follow him to the border. When they arrived, they could see that it was true. Off in the distance was a completely purple land. The purple cows were equally amazed to see orange elephants. The two groups of animals got together and decided to go in search of the land of the dark blue crocodiles.

And so began a journey through many lands of many colours, each adding its own special animal to the expedition. When all the animals were together, heavy rain began pouring, and the rain mixed the animals´ colours up, leaving each one with the colour they have today.

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