Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
Wonderful Harp Music Perseverance and effort A short story about perseverance and effort to learn
Stickybeard’s Treasure Obedience A short story about obedience and pirate's treasures
The Smile Economy Generosity and avoid materialism A story that teaches children about true happiness
The Lie-hunting Wizard Sincerity Story about lies nad sincerity
The Life-Wasting Potion Healthy life A short story about healthy habits
The Mystery of the Missing Coin Overcoming shyness A short story to overcome shyness
The Full Warren Generosity and friendship Short story about generosity
Squidge Attack Nature Care, Responsible Act A short story on preserving mother earth.
A Spider in the Museum Detachment from things, generosity A story about renunciation and detachment from things
Friends from the Vegetable Patch Friendship (and a bit of healthy food) A story for kids about friendship and healthy food
the Paper Rocket Effort and Enthusiasm A story about the special value on everything we make with our own hands
The Pillow Fairy Create awareness and conscience A short story that entails awareness
The Stepmother Avoid prejudice and being judgmental A short story teaching children not to accusatively judge others
Teary Joe Effort and joy, avoid tears A short story about getting things through crying
The Garden of Statues Goodness and initiative A short story about wonders of saving friends just by being good
The Boy and the Cabbage Help children to eat vegetables and other not so tasty food A short story to teach eating vegetables
A Colourful Head Avoid envy A short story to avoid envy
The Greatest Treasure in the World Friendship and teamwork A story about friendship as the greatest treasure
Charlie and the Horse Great care A short story about how to take care of things
The Lake Princesses Initiative and proactivity A short story about clever strategy to liberate oneself
The Great Gifts Avoid bullying, harrassment in school A short story about uniqueness and great gift of talents
The Obsession of the Rock ’n’ Roll Frog Self acceptance Cuento para aprender a aceptarse y evitar los complejos
Seeing the Last Dinosaur Order, organised, tidy A short story about being organised and tidy
A Cow in the Cafe Patience and order A short story about patience and order in every endeavor in life
Music on your plate Healthy family life A short story about good nutrition and healthy family life
The Cloud Dragon Trust and understanding A short story about the adventure of a terrible dragon
Thomas Crum and his Drum Consideration, respect A short story about respect and consideration for others in the society
The Rebellious Ant Teamwork, order and obedience A short story about obedience and effort