Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
The Sword of Peace Love peace; hate war A tale about peace
The Wailing Forest Effort and sacrifice A short story about bad postures
The Safe Generosity A short story about generosity and giving to others
August Heat Strength and will power A short story for children about will power
A Tiny Drop of Magic Putting off rewards. Cuento para aprender a tener paciencia y aplazar las recompensas
A very tough Dad Inner strength Cuento para evitar el bullying y entender la fortaleza
A Madman in the City Simplicity and austerity A short story about the stress of modern life
Fear is soft and smooth Overcoming fear of darkness A tale to teach to overcome fear of darkness
The Little Star Obedience and patience A cute story about obedience
The Cloud-eating Giant Friendship and generosity A short story about how to gain friends
The Careless Clown Responsibility and care for things A short story to be careful with your things
The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids Combat fear of the dark A story to combat the fear of the dark
Problems on the Ark Collaboration and teamwork A Story about Collaboration and teamwork
Searching for Stars Hope when facing the death of loved ones A story about hope when facing the death of loved ones
The Experiments of Miss Ellis Freedom Short story about freedom
Brodek, Dragon of Day and Night Peace and sensitivity for beautiful things A short story about the effect of no hatred in our hearts
The Hair Thief Sincerity when talking to children A story about sincerity with sons
The Unlucky Merchant Generosity A short story on generosity as a way to to have good fortune
Forever a Monster Kindness, forgiveness and generosity A children story about kindness and forgiveness
The Old Man on the Moon Willingness to learn and persistence A short story for children about constancy
The Carnivorous Plant and the Butcher Obedience A story about obedience to those who love us
A Pessimistic Dog Optimism and positive attitude A short story about optimism
Never Make Fun of a Rhino Learn to not make fun of others A story for kids to teach not make fun of others
Hammer Blows Sincerity, always A short story about white lies
Art Town Optimism and being positive A story about optimism
The Chair Real friendship A short story about identifying real friends.
Bula, the traveller Generosity and sacrifice. Avoid materialism A short story set in the town of Bethlehem
A Different Take on Halloween Forgiveness, self control and joy A short story about Halloween and letters
Grandfather’s Coins Money management A short story to teach children to manage their money
Jemima the Nosey Giraffe Respect other's privacy A short story about curiosity and respect other's privacy
The Princess without a Palace Humility and homeliness A short story aout humility and homeliness
The Incredible Black Rain Optimism and being positive A short story about optimism
Boobuan monkeys Avoid consumerism Story to avoid consumerism
The great palace of lies Sincerity A tale about lies and their dangers
Tickets to Heaven Hope, enthusiasm, goodness A short story about a sick boy being healed
Earth, Swallow Me Up! Humor sense A short story about shyness and fear of ridicule
Works of the Kingdom Leadership and initiative A tale to teach leadership and initiative
Robot with a Virus Tidiness and Solidarity A short story about tidiness and solidarity
Adventures in the Rain Imagination and creativity A short story about the journey to a beautiful nature after the rain
The Ruby Thief Sincerity and guile A short story about revealing the truth
The Little Glutton Moderation; restraint A tale about restraint and self control
A Flower a Day Honesty and generosity A short story about the fear to tell the truth