Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
Tuton the Planet Eater Generosity A short story teaching children to give than to receive
The Girl with the Beautiful Face Avoiding superficiality A short story about true love behind a beautiful face
The Safe Generosity A short story about generosity and giving to others
An Unexpected Arrival Dealing with the loss of a mother A Story about dealing with the loss of a mother
The Chair Real friendship A short story about identifying real friends.
The Wailing Forest Effort and sacrifice A short story about bad postures
The Careless Clown Responsibility and care for things A short story to be careful with your things
The Sword of Peace Love peace; hate war A tale about peace
The Little Star Obedience and patience A cute story about obedience
August Heat Strength and will power A short story for children about will power
Fear is soft and smooth Overcoming fear of darkness A tale to teach to overcome fear of darkness
Kraton’s Labyrinth Patience A short story about the effect of impatience
A Tiny Drop of Magic Putting off rewards. Cuento para aprender a tener paciencia y aplazar las recompensas
A very tough Dad Inner strength Cuento para evitar el bullying y entender la fortaleza
Searching for Stars Hope when facing the death of loved ones A story about hope when facing the death of loved ones
Would somebody move that watermelon! Perseverance. Small efforts make a big difference Cuento sobre el valor de los pequeños esfuerzos
The Experiments of Miss Ellis Freedom Short story about freedom
The greedy cloud Generosity and envy effects A story about generosity
Problems on the Ark Collaboration and teamwork A Story about Collaboration and teamwork
A Pessimistic Dog Optimism and positive attitude A short story about optimism
The Hair Thief Sincerity when talking to children A story about sincerity with sons
The Cockerel, the Duck, and the Mermaids Combat fear of the dark A story to combat the fear of the dark
Bula, the traveller Generosity and sacrifice. Avoid materialism A short story set in the town of Bethlehem
A Ray of Moonlight Respect and civility A short story about respect and its reward
Tickets to Heaven Hope, enthusiasm, goodness A short story about a sick boy being healed
Never Make Fun of a Rhino Learn to not make fun of others A story for kids to teach not make fun of others
The Princess without a Palace Humility and homeliness A short story aout humility and homeliness
The Birth of the Turtles Importance of Family A story about family
Brodek, Dragon of Day and Night Peace and sensitivity for beautiful things A short story about the effect of no hatred in our hearts
The Frog who Jumped Through Windows Contentment and appreciate the good things A story teaching children to appreciate what they already have
Happy Mothers on the Marsh Goodness and leadership A short story teaching children to do good
A place in the Nativity Christmas Spirit Cuento navideño sobre el amor de Dios
An almost impossible peace Peace Cuento para construir entornos de paz
Mystery in the Library A love of reading Cuento para animar la afición por la lectura
A place where it rains chocolate A love of reading Un cuento para alimentar la imaginación y la creatividad con la lectura
Albertina, World Traveller Controlling Impulsiveness Un cuento para controlar la impulsividad y la impaciencia
Alina, the Dragon Guardian Truthfulness Cuento para perder el miedo a decir la verdad
Back to school for the brave Bravery and being nice Conejita valiente
Santa has stolen from me! Learning to be unselfish Un simpático cuento para aprender a regalar
The boy who was too rude to others Respect and politeness Un cuento para evitar las faltas de respeto y el abuso
The ghost-hunting Zombie Preventing racism and prejudice Cuento de zombis y fantasmas
Lola the Whale Humility, ask for help when needed A short story about being humble to ask for help when needed