Chatty Sheep

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Attentiveness, listen, sensitivity

Main Lesson

A fun way of demonstrating what effect listening to others has, instead of simply talking to them all the time.


A farm


A shepherd and his sheep

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Chatty Sheep

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Moral stories for kids

A short story that teaches children to listen

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd who bought a flock of sheep, but when he got to know them a little better, he realised that these sheep just would not stop bleating. All day long, it was.

-"Baaah baaah,"

what a deafening racket; and they just ignored the shepherd's commands. He used all the means at his disposal to get the sheep to listen to him and to his dogs, but it was hopeless.

Finally, seeing as the sheep wouldn't stop talking, the shepherd decided to at least have some fun with it. He bought an enormous ear, and transported it out to his fields on the back of his wagon. Surprisingly, on seeing the ear, the sheep all stopped bleating to each other, and began telling the ear all their woes and complaints. When the shepherd drove his wagon, the sheep would even follow him about, just so that they could carry on talking to the ear.

And so it was, that the shepherd understood that even sheep have something to say, and just want to be listened to. And thanks to this occurrence, mankind now has the world's only Ear-on-a-Wagon shepherd.

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