Wonderful Harp Music

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Perseverance and effort

Main Lesson

What some highly trained people cannot achieve due to giving up too soon, can be achieved by less trained people who apply persistent effort.


A King’s palace in olden times


The King, a girl, a wizard, and a harp

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Wonderful Harp Music

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A short story about perseverance and effort to learn

There was once a King who adored music so much that he searched the world for the best instrument there was. One day, a wizard offered the King a harp.
The King took it to the palace, but when he started playing it the harp was out of tune. Many other musicians tried it, and they agreed that the harp was useless and the King had been deceived. The harp was thrown out as rubbish.

A poor little girl later found the harp, and even though she didn't know how to play, decided to have a go. She played and played, the whole day through, for months and years, always with the harp out of tune, but playing better and better.

Then one day, suddenly, the harp started to play the most beautiful melodies. It was a magic harp, and could only be played well by someone willing to put in the necessary interest and effort.

The King heard the music from his window, and summoned the girl to the palace. When the King saw the harp playing he was filled with joy. At that moment he made the girl his own private musician, giving her and her family many riches.

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