The Magi-virus

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Closeness and friendship. Prevent loneliness

Main Lesson

Physical contact and closeness help improve an atmosphere and prevent loneliness.


A village


A virus, a doctor, and a population

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The Magi-virus

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Moral stories for kids

A short story that teaches children to be friendly to avoid loneliness

The magi-virus was the first ever magical virus. It was an enchantment that passed from person to person: all you needed was two men, women, children, or old folk to touch each other, and the virus would spread from one to another. The effects of this spell varied according to the disease, but they usually took the form of small magical misfortunes, such as becoming suddenly bald, sneezing out ice cubes, crying out of your feet, or having such sticky hands that it was impossible to let go of anything you’d picked up.

It being the case that not everyone touches others with the same frequency, it so happened that some people passed on the magic illness very easily, but others – those with less contact with people – became really seriously ill, particularly when they’d spent more than three days with the virus.

Of course, no-one thought these small misfortunes were caused by a virus, and the blame was usually pinned on some mischievous elf or passing witch. Only one doctor from that area – Dr. Ivor Malady - , began suspecting something, after having contracted the illness over twenty times himself, and almost always after doing his rounds. He began experimenting on his patients and on himself, and within a few days he was certain about how the disease was transmitted.

The good doctor called all the townsfolk to a meeting and told them that their illness would last for as long as it took them to touch someone else. And so it was that the town became the World Chasing Capital. Residents spent much of their time chasing others around the streets, to touch their chosen victim, in order to get rid of the virus. Even the oldest folk joined in the fun, and the people's health improved so much with all the running about that Dr. Malady was presented with many prizes and awards.

The funniest thing is that the magi-virus moved towns without anyone realising it. It was taken away by a man who came to visit, and bumped into a “carrier” who was sprinting after some children.

On returning to his home town, things were a bit different, and instead of chase, that town became World Hugging Capital. Everyone who passed that way was given a great big bear hug, along with the magic illness. So it didn't take long for the virus to move on to another town, and in this third town the people ended up spending all hours of the day kissing each other.

And so it was, one after another, the magi-virus went around the world, changing people's behaviour wherever it went, making every place more fun and more friendly, leaving everyone feeling closer. Such is the effect that no-one minds whether the virus has remained there or moved on, because all are enchanted by the changes it brings.

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