Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
The Monster Maker Love of reading and imagination A short story to encourage love of reading and using the imagination
Happy Mothers on the Marsh Goodness and leadership A short story teaching children to do good
Thieves in the Garden Avoid prejudices Un cuento de insectos
Hunting for Smiles Patience and Perseverance A tale about patience and perseverance
Trapped in Tidyland Freedom A story about freedom
The Unfriendly River Friendliness, kindness and sense of humor. A story to promote kindness and friendliness
Magic Ears for Shy Children Overcoming shyness A short story teaching children how to overcome shyness
The World's Best Warrior Peace A story about peace and avoid violence
A Frog and a Frying Pan Learn to forgive A short story to learn to forgive
Johnny the Lizard Optimism and enthusiasm A story that teaches to continue the journey with thoughts of the future
Invitation to the Ball Tidiness A tale about tidiness
Slowcoach Sunflower Patience and obedience A short story teaching children the value of patience and obedience
Peggy’s Talking Pets Communicating and listening A short story about the importante of listening
The Trick Strength of will and fortitude A short story to improve strength of will
Billy Peck, Tightrope Waddler Friendship and sincerity A short story about friendship and sincerity
The Evil Goblins Respect and kindness A story to teach respect for others
Waking Nightmare Self confidence A short story to build self confidence
That’s Enough! Patience and spirit of sacrifice A tale to teach patience and spirit of sacrifice
The Little Forest by the Sea Teamwork and solidarity A short story about helping each other in solidarity
Scuttleball. Soccer for Ants Fair play, respect and tolerance A short story about Fair Play and tolerance
The Bewitched Tongues Not critizice nor being a telltale A Story about avoiding criticism
Drums in Space Respect and perseverance A short story about respect and perseverance
Colourless Tiger Freedom A short story about the value of freedom
The Day of Silence Integrate people with disabilities A story about integrating people with disabilities
Humility among the Animals Humility and fair play A story for kids about humility
The Drawing That Talked Effort and joy A story about effort and practice with joy to improve
George the Giant Tenderness and kindness A short story about tenderness and kindness
The Queen’s Journey Generosity and setting an example A short story about generosity and good example
The Math Dunce Will to learn and creativity A story about learning maths
The Beauty Contest Humility Short story of the vanid butterfly
Little Worm is Lost! Punctuality to come home Short story to come home early
The Good Pirate Freedom and self guiding A short story about the freedom to choose our path
Fleabags Teamwork A story about teamwork and collaboration
The Fairy and the Shadow Loyalty and commitment A tale about loyalty and commitment
The Origin of Happiness Goodness and Charity A short story about the reasons to be happy
The Hypersensor Kindness with people with sensory deficiecy A short story about interacting with blind people
Fiorina and Pionina, the Shy Fairies Overcoming shyness and acceptance of oneself A story teaching the children to accept and be proud of oneself
The White Rose Self-Esteem A story teaching children to appreciate beauty inside one's heart
Would somebody move that watermelon! Perseverance. Small efforts make a big difference Cuento sobre el valor de los pequeños esfuerzos
Duck Race Obedience A short story to obey parents
The Brave Little Tortoise and the Monster Bravery, fear control A short story about bravery and fear control
The Singing Hippo acceptance, avoid envy A short story about  avoiding envy