Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
The potion and the wind Sense of humor A tale about good sense of humor
Honest Ladybirds Trustworthiness and honesty A short story about the value of honesty and being trusted
The Hero Who Was Going To Save the World Care of details and little things A short story about the adventure of a superhero
The Big Match Humility, generosity and teamwork Short story to avoid individualism
Lies in the Stone Age Sincerity, honesty, responsible act A short story about being truthful and acting responsibly
Dark Wizard, Spark Wizard Overcoming fear of storms A short story about how to overcome the fear of storms
Win or Lose Fair play, being a good loser Learn how to lose
Two Elves and Two Wishes Friendship, companionship, reflect before you act A short story about the value of friendship over being impulsive
The Tidy Toys Tidiness and carefulness A short story aboyt tidiness
The Mocking Tiger Learn to appreciate valuable qualities on everyone A story to teach to value things on others
Fashion Forest acceptance, avoid envy A short story teaching children not to be envious
Where did the Voices go? Loyalty, friendship and fellowship A story about loyalty and fellowship
The Mysterious Juggling Clown Respect and Humility A tale about respecting others work
The Unending Well of Wonders Time Management A short story about the importance of how to use time
The Knight and the World Joie de vivre A short story to quest for happiness
The Homework Party Self motivation A short story about making homework funny
An Allergic Wizard Be respectful and kind to others A funny story about respect to others
The Magic Key Passion for reading and imagination A story to discover the joys of reading
Ice in the Forest Think before you act A short story to teach children to think first before taking actions
Colourful Animals Avoid prejudices and being open minded A story to teach to be open minded
The Proudest Parents Obedience A short story about obedience
The Warm Whale Fortitude A short story about fortitude
The Lion’s Tail Courage, address the abuse and harassment A story about how a brave boy fighting those who harass him
Trouble in the Science Class Being calm A short and funny story about being calm
The Grey Fountain Caring for environment A short story to teach to take care of nature
Prince Lapio Justice and fairness A short story about justice and fairness
The Magic Coins Gererosity and Honesty A short tale about generosity and honesty
Effort, the Infinite Giant Effort A short story about the effort to respond instantly towards success
A Perfect Christmas Generosity and humility Cuento de Navidad
The Painter, the Dragon, and the Titan Prevent abuse and the "pecking order" A story that teaches children not to abuse their strength and size to give order
The Opera Singer Hard work and effort A short story about hard work
the Best Choice Learn what is truly important and avoid materialism A story about Santa Claus' presents
The Poor Bunny's Magic Present Generosity A tale about generosity
The Wand That Ran Out Generosity A short story to learn to share
The Disappearance of the Luckys True friendship A story that teaches children how to gain true friends
Path to Heaven Sincerity and heartfelt desire A short story about being sincere to reach the hearfelt desire
The Incompetent Genie cleanliness and order A short story about being clean and in order
The Match and the Toy Men Prudence and Obedience A short story about hazardous objects
Cheerful Charlie Cheerfulness y enthusiasm A short story for children about cheerfulness and enthusiasm
The Lazy Little Bird Combat laziness A story to teach to combat laziness
The Two Towers Avoid Envy A short story about Envy
Playing with the Sun Companionship and comprehension A short story about companionship