Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
Playing with the Sun Companionship and comprehension A short story about companionship
The Magic Coins Gererosity and Honesty A short tale about generosity and honesty
The Opera Singer Hard work and effort A short story about hard work
The Last Dinosaurs Adaptability and flexibility A short story about dinosaurs
Two Intelligent Boys Responsibility and making the best of our talents A tale about using our talents and responsibility
The White Rose Self-Esteem A story teaching children to appreciate beauty inside one's heart
The Garden of Statues Goodness and initiative A short story about wonders of saving friends just by being good
The World’s Rarest Creature Order and Care A short story about keeping things in order
Sparky Hooves Calm and self control A short story to combat bullying
A Day With The Pigs Teaching to dress quickly, collaborate, obedience A short story to teach children how to obey parents and dress quickly
The Wand That Ran Out Generosity A short story to learn to share
The Pleaseometer Avoid to feel envy A Santa's story about generosity
A Letter Soup Good manners A short and funny story to teach good manners
The Two Towers Avoid Envy A short story about Envy
The Creature in the Attic Bravery, overcoming irrational fears A short story to overcome irrational fears
The Young Puppet-maker Effort and good work A short story about effort and good work
The Pet Sack Kindness A short story to teach that what we give, we receive
The Flying Contest Fair play, namely losing A short story for kids about fair play and knowing to lose
Bobby the Mountain Climber Motivation and sacrifice A short story about motivation
The Island Of Inventions Having goals and dreams as motivation A short story about the power of dreams
The Lie-hunting Wizard Sincerity Story about lies nad sincerity
The Happy Sweeper Tidiness; working joyfully A short story for children about working joyfully
Speedy Snails Humility A short story about humility
The Little Hummingbird Obedience and prudence A tender story that teaches children to obey and overcome fear when lost
The Lion’s Tail Courage, address the abuse and harassment A story about how a brave boy fighting those who harass him
The Smile Economy Generosity and avoid materialism A story that teaches children about true happiness
The Tickling Scales Healthy life and joy A story about the better indicator of beauty and a person’s value
The Cave of the Thousand Treasures Generosity Short story to avoid greed and avarice
The Stepmother Avoid prejudice and being judgmental A short story teaching children not to accusatively judge others
The Gossips Respect other's private life A short story to respect other's privacy
The Cloudsqueezer Humility and willingness to learn A short story about not pretending we know everything
Book, Ink, and Feather Cooperation and positive attitude A short story about how to improve fate through collaboration
The Tree and the Vegetables Generosity and teamwork A short story about teamwork and generosity
The Magi-virus Closeness and friendship. Prevent loneliness A short story that teaches children to be friendly to avoid loneliness
The Ticklish Kid Self acceptance; making others happier A story about self acceptance and others happiness
The Boy who Made a Country Smile The joy of goodness Short story about the joy of goodness
Wonderful Harp Music Perseverance and effort A short story about perseverance and effort to learn
The Two Spells Good manners and education A short story to teach children good manners
The Life-Wasting Potion Healthy life A short story about healthy habits
the Paper Rocket Effort and Enthusiasm A story about the special value on everything we make with our own hands
The Wicked Prince Sincerity and responsibility A short story to teach sincerity
The Red Balls Measure the right amount of things, self-discipline A short story about self-discipline and correct amount of dosage