Short stories for children

These brief stories are the best resource for parents and teachers willing to educate children in a fun and effective way. They are original and diverse, and all of them convey an important lesson to learn.

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Título Educational Value
The Princess without a Palace Humility and homeliness A short story aout humility and homeliness
Grandfather’s Coins Money management A short story to teach children to manage their money
Billy Peck, Tightrope Waddler Friendship and sincerity A short story about friendship and sincerity
Earth, Swallow Me Up! Humor sense A short story about shyness and fear of ridicule
The Little Glutton Moderation; restraint A tale about restraint and self control
The Happy Trumpet Joy and friendship A short story that teaches children the value of offering joy to others
Brodek, Dragon of Day and Night Peace and sensitivity for beautiful things A short story about the effect of no hatred in our hearts
The Respectful Prince and the Dwarves Respect A short story about respect
The Chain of Smiles Happyness and kindness A story to teach the value of smiling
Black and White Punctuality and respect A short story for children about colors
Fiona Famous True friendship A short story about true friendship
A Flower a Day Honesty and generosity A short story about the fear to tell the truth
The Magic Blackboard nature care, trustworthiness A short story about caring the forest
The Frog who Jumped Through Windows Contentment and appreciate the good things A story teaching children to appreciate what they already have
The Brave Boy and the Multicoloured Ghost Courage and overcoming A short story to overcome fears
The Best Robot Accept people differences A fantastic tale about tolerance and integration
The Drawing That Talked Effort and joy A story about effort and practice with joy to improve
The Grumpy Tree Generosity, nature caring A story about generosity
The Burger who didn’t want to be junk food Healthy Eating and capricious A story teaching children to spare eating junk foods always
A Frog and a Frying Pan Learn to forgive A short story to learn to forgive
The Ruby Thief Sincerity and guile A short story about revealing the truth
The Toothy Toad Hygiene and healthy life A funny story about brushing teeth
A Forced Christmas Personal commitment to make a beeter world A christmas story
The World's Best Warrior Peace A story about peace and avoid violence
The Deductive Mr. Horsefly Avoid stereotypes Short story to avoid stetreo
Redbeard’s Treasure Avoiding greed A short story about treasure and greed of a pirate
Chess of a Thousand Colours Tidiness A short story about tidiness
Perfect Justice Justice and forgiveness A short story about justice and forgiveness
Trapped in Tidyland Freedom A story about freedom
Balloon Acrobatics Teamwork and wit A short story about teamwork and wit
A Village on the Road Solidarity and Kindness A short story about solidarity and kindness
Christmas Presents Celebrate the true values ​​of Christmas A short story to teach chirldren the true meaning of Christmas
The Outing Self acceptance A short story to avoid making fun on other's physical characteristics
The Great Wild Car Race Kindness and generosity A short story about how goodness brings joy
The Experiments of Miss Ellis Freedom Short story about freedom
Chocolate Tears Friendship A short story to make friends
The Prisoners Learn to treat people with deficiencies A story to learn to treat people with deficiencies and down syndrome
The Evil Millisphore Love in the family A story teaching children that love is the secret strength of the family
The Beauty Contest Humility Short story of the vanid butterfly
The Boy who almost became a Prince Patience A tale about patience
The Unending Well of Wonders Time Management A short story about the importance of how to use time
The Red Moon Care for environment A short story about care for environment