The Boy who almost became a Prince

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A boy who is exceptional at everything except at having patience, loses everything because of it


A far off kingdom, where the King has no heir


A king, a boy and a dog

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The Boy who almost became a Prince

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A tale about patience

A King who had no children announced a competition to decide who would be made a Prince and heir to the throne. The boy who passed all the tests, although excellent, was impatient, and that worried the King. So the King decided to test the boy, taking him to the forest with a dog, and pointing him to a great treasure in the centre of the woods.

The King left the boy with the dog, saying that if, upon his return, the boy and the treasures were still there, waiting for him, then the boy would receive the Kingdom. The boy accepted the challenge, but soon he grew impatient, and despite the dog's warnings, the boy entered into the forest. As soon as he did so, the treasure disappeared.

And so, the boy lost both the treasure and the chance to inherit the Kingdom

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