A Ray Of Moonlight. Audio story narrated in British English.

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Story narrated by Sharon Brogden. You can read the complete story text below

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Text of this story

The forest wolf spent his nights howling at the moon. He was making fun of her, of how old she was, how slowly she moved, and how little light she had. In the same forest, when the howling had stopped, the little hedgehog would come out to console the moon.

One day, both the wolf and the hedgehog were far from home and were caught unawares by a great storm. When the storm subsided, both animals were lost. As the moon came out, the wolf began his usual howling, while the hedgehog was feeling sad and frightened at being lost.

Before long the hedgehog heard a voice calling him, but he couldn't see anyone around. It was the moon, who was so grateful for the hedgehog's constant help and advice, that she wanted to help him find his way home. So the moon gathered up all her light into one single ray, to help show the hedgehog how to get back safely.

The hedgehog arrived home in the early hours, while the wolf remained lost, out in the darkness, and scared to death. Only then did he realise that all his rudeness to the moon had been pointless and cruel. The moon didn't shine for him until the wolf asked for forgiveness for his bad attitude, and promised not to bother anyone again like that.

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