Trouble in the Science Class

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Being calm

Main Lesson

Acting when we are furious or annoyed results in less clever and intelligent actions


A class in a modern school


A teacher, some students and their parents

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Trouble in the Science Class

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A short and funny story about being calm

The science teacher, Mr Litmus, had asked his students to study some particular animal. They would write a short report, and tell the rest of the class their conclusions. Some talked about dogs, others about horses, some chose fish. But the most interesting discovery of all was made by little Sophie:

"I found that flies are terribly grumpy", she said, very sure of herself.

Everyone smiled, waiting for her to continue. Then Sophie explained: "I spent hours in my house, watching flies. When they flied normally, everything was OK, but when they found a window they would really start buzzing. I had always thought they made that noise with their wings, but they don't. With my daddy's binoculars I inspected the flies really closely, and saw that what they were really doing was shouting and protesting. They were so hysterical that they couldn't fly out the window, and they would just beat their heads against the glass again and again. If only they had watched the butterfly that passed by. They would have seen that the top of the window was open. The butterfly tried to tell them, but it had no effect at all. The flies just kept on shouting and complaining".

Mr Litmus was amused, and explained to the class that that form of fly behaviour had nothing to do with anger. Instead, it was an example of creatures having different levels of intelligence and awareness. They agreed that the next day they would bring a list of creatures in their order of intelligence...

And this was what caused a big rumpus in the science class. Many parents had to come and complain, because their children... had listed their parents as among the least intelligent of creatures! This, said the children, was because the parents did nothing but complain, and they never listened to anyone.

And, although Mr Litmus had to do a lot of explaining, and calm down quite a few parents, it helped some of them realise that, although they weren't stupid, they often behaved not terribly intelligently.

Let's work on this story, now that is fresh on our minds!

A minute for thinking

How do people act when they are too angry? Do you think they are smarter? How do you feel and what do you think when you are angry? Think about what you could do to keep those thoughs and feelings under control.

Let's talk!

It is very likely your child was there one of those times you got angry and lost your temper. Now is the perfect time for you to apologize and explain her that shouting and wrath are not good ways to solve problems, as they only lead to make more mistakes.

Why don't you try this?

To fight the anger at home, I suggest you to draw a grumpy, hysterical fly and add some tape to it. Then leave the fly on some visible place. Everytime someone lose his temper, just approach and give him the fly. Surely he will recall this story and will calm down faster.

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