Playing with the Sun

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Companionship and comprehension

Main Lesson

Wanting to bring happiness to all is the foundation of good companionship


The forest


The forest animals and the sun

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Playing with the Sun

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A short story about companionship

There was once a forest where all the animals played happily and contentedly together. So much so, that the sun noticed them and wanted to join in. The animals told the sun he could play with them, but when the sun left his place in the sky, and came down to the forest, none of the animals could stand the heat, and they all went running to hide.
The sun went back up into the clouds, feeling terribly sad. So sad, that no longer did he want to come out every day and light up the world. Without the sun, life was beginning to run down, the lovely forest and its animals included.
Knowing what the problem was, the animals had a meeting to think of ways to cheer the sun up. Someone suggested that they play with the sun at night, when he no longer shone. That would avoid the heat of his rays. So that's what they did.
All the animals had to make a great effort to rest during the day
, so that they could play at night. But they so wanted to cheer the sun up that all the animals managed it. Soon the sun and with it, happiness, returned to the forest and to the rest of the world.

N.B. This story is not from one unique author. It is one of the wonderful tales created by a group from the 'Creative Story Workshop', which I ran at Tajamar College in Madrid. I want to thank everyone who participated, because it was a very enriching and amusing experience.

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