A Cow in the Cafe

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Patience and order

Main Lesson

Before doing things, you need to plan them and have the patience to do them at the right time.


A café and a village


A café and a village

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A Cow in the Cafe

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A short story about patience and order in every endeavor in life

Bobby Buns was a very amusing and lively waiter who had his own cafe. He was also very fortunate, because during a visit to his parents' village he discovered that one of the young cows in the latest herd was pretty special. Instead of producing milk, this cow produced milk coffee.

Intending to make himself rich, Bobby took the cow straight to the city. When he arrived, Bobby's wife told him that first he would have to reorganise the cafe so they had a place to put the cow. Bobby was so excited and impatient that he ignored this advice, and took the cow straight to the cafe.

The result was quite spectacular. The cow was featured in the newspapers and on TV. Customers came from far and wide to taste the delicious fresh milk coffee.

However, after this initial buzz of excitement, it turned out that having a cow in the middle of a cafe was not at all comfortable. Every day the cow broke twenty or thirty cups simply by swishing its tail. The cafe smelt like a stable. The hay the cow ate got spread all over the place, and the cow left so little room in the cafe that there would always be someone getting too close and stepping in a cow pat...

And so the cafe began to lose customers. To top it all, the authorities came to do an inspection. They imposed such a heavy fine that Bobby almost had to close the place. And so it was, that Bobby Buns realised that he had to be more patient and organised. He should wait until everything was ready before serving his freshly milked milk coffees.

However, Bobby was a lucky sort of chap. While the cafe was being reorganised, he took the cow back to the village. There he discovered that one of the new hens laid chocolate eggs. This time he knew he had to be patient, and wait until everything was prepared, so he could have a cafe with a cow, a chicken, milk coffee, chocolate eggs, and buns.

When this was all in place, his cafe became the most famous and successful in the whole city.

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