Effort, the Infinite Giant

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Main Lesson

The best way to strengthen your will and do difficult things is by doing them straight away, without thinking about the time or effort they will take.


A palace


A young man and a giant

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Effort, the Infinite Giant

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A short story about the effort to respond instantly towards success

Many years ago, when giants still roamed the Earth, there was a particularly frightening and powerful one. But unlike other giants, Effort didn't spend his time eating people or causing disasters: his sole mission was to defend the entrance to the Palace of the Wind's Tears, a magical, wonderful place filled with incredible riches.

Many were those who wanted to get their hands on the palace's wonders, but to do so they inevitably had to overcome the formidable Effort. And he was just invincible in a fight. When anyone would stand in front of the palace's great garden, carrying their best weapons, looking for the giant and preparing their strategy, the giant would appear looking quite big, but not too much to take on. However, right from that moment, Effort would begin growing and growing, and become faster and faster, smarter and more ferocious, and it was just a matter of time before he would end up crushing his opponents, no matter how many shields and how much armour they had.

Even the most learned and intelligent had failed miserably. However much care they took with their tactics and the preparation of their attacks, the ever-growing Effort crushed them mercilessly.

But all that happened before John. John was a normal guy, not even very clever. Since he had heard that in the Palace of Wind's Tears you would find the Fountain of Success and Intelligence, which would provide plenty of these attributes to whoever drank from it, he was determined to fight the giant. So, thinking he wouldn't be capable of preparing a battle based on cunning, nor of inventing the best of strategies, he arrived at the palace and before the giant came into view, John rushed through the gardens at top speed, shouting:

-"Effort! Effort! Where are you? I'm going to crush you!"


Wow! How strange! In the middle of the most important battle of his life John had just stepped on a dog poo ...

But when he made to clean the shoe, the young man realised it wasn't that at all. He had stepped on what looked like a bug. And looking at it more closely, John saw that whatever it was looked just like the giant, but it was tiny.

John waited a good while for Effort to appear, but nothing happened. It couldn't be that the giant had not heard John's cries to come and fight, so John finally understood what had happened. He'd been the first to defeat the giant! He had squashed the giant like a worm! Proud and satisfied with his achievement, he entered the palace.

Just as people had told him, in that place he found success, intelligence, and many other things. He met the Queen of the Winds, who told him that she herself had created Effort in the form of a small, weak creature who got bigger and bigger with the more fear and time his opponents spent on thinking about him, and that the secret to returning to the palace whenever John wanted was to not give Effort even a second to grow.

And to this day Effort continues protecting most of the good things in life. But all you have to do is avoid giving him even a second to grow. Fight him instantly to overcome him.

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