The Rebellious Ant

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Teamwork, order and obedience

Main Lesson

Organisation and following rules, allows collaboration to achieve great things.


The countryside


An ant and his anthill

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The Rebellious Ant

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Moral stories for kids

A short story about obedience and effort

Once upon a time, there was an ant who was fed up with being an ant. She didn't enjoy it at all: the rules seemed overly strict, she was tired of having to wait in really long queues, and she hated having to do just exactly what everyone else was doing - following orders.

She wanted to be like the ladybirds and the beetles, and live a free and unworried life.

The ant tried hard to make her dream a reality, and then finally, one windy day, she grabbed onto a big leaf that came flying past, and up they both went, higher and higher.

When she was so high up that she could no longer make out the insects on the ground, she couldn't believe what came into view. Raised up from out of the surrounding foliage was the magnificent anthill, which was visible from afar.

There was no sign of any beetle or ladybird nests; nor anything else made by other insects. There was only the anthill.

And the ant realised that it had been precisely those rules, the spirit of self-sacrifice, the obedience and effort of all the ants working together which had enabled them to build something so much greater than any other insect could. And finally, she felt very proud to be an ant.

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