Stories of Gratitude 

Stories of Gratitude 

List of educational resources for parents and teachers to read online, to download in PDF format, or to listen to as audio stories

Our stories are a great tool to improve the education of your children and enhance your family atmosphere. Whether in family or in the classroom, as audio or as reading, using pictures or simple text, parents and teachers will discover with them a new way to successfully teach values to children, while enjoying each and every learning minute.

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List including all our stories about Gratitude . Many creative short stories to teach values. Resources for parents and teachers

Adalina, the fairy without wings, a story about Friendship, overcoming


A short story about the importance of friends in overcoming problems

"Friends are the greatest help for overcoming difficulties and taking us to where we couldn’t reach alone."

The Unlucky Merchant, a story about Generosity


A short story on generosity as a way to to have good fortune

"The best way to have good luck is to share all the good things you have. Grateful friends are the foundation of your good fortune"

The Safe, a story about Generosity


A short story about generosity and giving to others

"Everything we give to others will, sooner or later, return to us, whether or not it be in a form we expected"