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At Bedtime Stories, we have a great collection of short stories to educate children about values, with all sorts of characters and situations.
We offer them as a great educational resource for parents and teachers.

New stories and themes are frequently added: you will never be short of new educational stories!

The Little Star, a story about Obedience and patience

There was once a tiny, tiny star about the same size as a mosquito. The star lived in space, next to its parents, which were two absolutely enormous stars.
The tiny star was very curious, and always wanted to know what was going on.
She wanted to travel around to see for herself, but her parents told her that she was still too little to go off on her own, and that she would have to wait.

One day, the star saw a little blue planet. The planet looked so lovely that the tiny star forgot her parents´ rules, and off she went to get a better look at it. But she flew so fast, so incredibly fast, that she soon got lost, and didn't know where home was. When she arrived on the blue planet, which was the Earth, the people and animals thought she was a very bright firefly, and everyone wanted to catch her. She fled as fast she could, frightened, and she hid herself under a sheet. Seeing the sheet moving, everyone thought that she was a ghost, and they ran off terrified.

The little star used her new disguise to have fun, scaring the living daylights out of everyone she met. As she went on she arrived at a mountain, where a great dragon lived. The little star tried to scare the dragon too, but she didn't know that it was a ghost-eating dragon. She only got a whiff of this when she found herself surrounded by the flames that the dragon had spit at her.

Luckily, she was a very hot little star, so she managed to escape the dragon and its flames. However, she had been frightened to death, and this combined with the sadness of missing her parents. She cried for a while, but then, as night fell, she got an idea to help her find her parents. She went to a very high mountain and found a big boulder. Then, looking up at the sky, she hid behind the boulder, then reappeared, then hid again.. and so on.

Her parents were very worried about her, and were searching everywhere to find her. They saw her light appearing and disappearing off in the distance. Instantly, off they flew to find her.

So the little star had tasted adventure and learnt many things, but she no longer wanted to go off on her own until she was much older.

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