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At Bedtime Stories, we have a great collection of short stories to educate children about values, with all sorts of characters and situations.
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An Unexpected Arrival, a story about Dealing with the loss of a mother

There was a bit of a stir in heaven when Tatiana turned up. No one expected her; she was still young and, what's more, she was the mother of two small children. Saint Peter looked at her, very seriously.

"And what are you doing here? Surely it's not your time yet".

Even so, after checking the ledger, he indeed found her name, but still found it hard to believe. It was true. She had done all the things that allow one to enter into heaven, including leaving her children with everything they would need, and she had managed it all in so little time! On seeing his surprise, Tatiana smiled and said,

"I've always done things quickly. Ever since Adrian and Andrea were babies I gave them everything I had, and I kept it in the form of a treasure which only they could access".

Everyone in heaven knew what Tatiana was referring to. From day one mothers set to work, filling the hearts of their children with love and virtues. And the rule is that mothers can only go to heaven once they have completely filled their children's hearts. This was amazing news. It was very unusual to hear of children having their hearts filled so soon, and everyone in heaven wanted to investigate.

Looking at children's hearts is the favourite pastime of the angels. At night, when children are sleeping, their hearts shine intensely with a purplish light that only angels can see. The angels certainly come to see; they sit around the children, softly singing songs of beauty. And so it was that, that night, in the bedroom of Adrian and Andrea, thousands of angels gathered. Neither of the children had overcome their grief at their mother's passing, but they were managing to sleep. On falling asleep, their hearts started to light up, as always. Gradually the light became more intense until their hearts shone brilliantly and with unmatched beauty.

Without any doubt, Tatiana had left their hearts brimming with such love and such virtue that they could have shared these with thousands of other children. The angels gave thanks for a spectacle of such beauty, they sang hymns of praise, and resolved to return each night. On waking, neither Adrian nor Andrea noticed anything strange, but they did feel filled with a strength to meet the new the day with enthusiasm; ready to grow and learn in the way their mother had always wanted.

So, without ever failing to miss their mother, Adrian and Andrea developed into a pair of wonderful children, overflowing with goodness. Every day they took inspiration from hearts filled with love and virtue, left to them by their mother, and from the nightly presence of thousands of angels who came to see them shine.