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At Bedtime Stories, we have a great collection of short stories to educate children about values, with all sorts of characters and situations.
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Music for the Clouds, a story about Taste in music

There was once a tiny country that was suffering from a long drought. It had gone so long without rain that the people there were starting to go hungry because of the bad harvests.

It just so happened that a group of musicians were travelling the country, trying to make a living from their concerts. But with so many problems in the land, no one felt like listening to music.

-"But music can help overcome any problems,"

objected the musicians, without anyone paying them the slightest attention.

So the musicians tried to find out the reason it wouldn't rain. It was very strange, because the sky was overcast, but no one could provide an answer.

-"It's been cloudy like this for many months, but not a single drop of rain has fallen,"

people would tell them.

-"Don't worry, we'll bring rain to the country,"

the musicians responded, and they began rehearsing for a concert at the summit of the highest mountain.

Everyone who heard the music was seized by curiosity and went up the mountain. And the conductor of this strange orchestra gave the order, and the musicians began to play.

From their instruments came small, playful musical notes, that rose and rose into the clouds. The music was so joyous, happy and fun, and the notes started playing with with the clouds' soft, fluffy bellies, running here and three, up and down, and the whole sky turned into one big game of tickle torture. Before long, the giant clouds were thundering with laughter.

The musicians continued playing joyfully and a few minutes later the clouds, crying with laughter, soaked the little country below with their precious tears, bringing happiness to all.

And in memory of that musical rain, everyone in the land learned how to play an instrument and, taking turns, would go up the mountain every day to bring joy to the clouds with their beautiful songs.