Who is behind Bedtime Stories?

The web Free Stories for Kids was created in the beginning of 2008 by Pedro Pablo Sacristán as a personal project full of enthusiasm, from the stories he was writing.

Since then, Pedro Pablo, especially during the very late hours, has been responsible for almost every web aspect, including technical issues, but also supported by friends, family and colleagues.

Given the growth and dimension of such a special project with an increasing demand of time and effort, Pedro Pablo and his wife decided, three years after launching the website, to dedicate themselves fulltime to the project. That is why, in mid 2011, they created the company called Cuentopía Educativa S.L. with the mission to spread the word about Freestoriesforkids.com. It’s founding intention is clear: to keep all aspects that have made Bedtime Stories a reference website, and to enhance and spread its positive effects around the world.

Payment Subscription Plans and other commercial services are intended to achieve this mission.

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