What is the vision of Bedtime Stories?

Freestoriesforkids.com is a different educational idea, based on the educational power of stories and their influence on the memorizing process, intends to transfer values to our children through hundreds of stories written by Pedro Pablo Sacristán.

Pedro Pablo is a Spanish writer who sparked this initiative when he began to publish the bedtime stories he created everyday for his children, encouraging other parents and teachers to do the same, and providing ideas, methodology and stories, specially stories, to achieve it.

Freestoriesforkids.com collection is made up of hundreds of catalogued and classified stories to facilitate finding the right story to teach what you want.

With the clear idea that every single story has an objective, a value to teach children, they enjoy and learn lessons that will never forget about the really important matters of life: honesty, sincerity, tolerance, generosity, joy …

At FreeStoriesForKids.com we hope that all the effort and illusion we give will crystallize in the form of a little help in the education of the boys and girls of the future, a future where values have a fundamental role.

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