What are the services offered by Bedtime Stories?

Bedtime Stories offers different services to those visiting the webpage. Although most of them are free, a small number requires buying a Subscription Plan to enjoy them.

Without any doubt the main contribution of Bedtime Stories is the possibility to find original and creative stories to educate virtually any value. Together with these stories, we offer the following services:

  • Printable version (free): every story can be downloaded for free in PDF format, without ads or any content unrelated to the story.
  • Email subscription (free) this subscription uses Google services (Feedburner) and RSS technology to email new stories and blog entries.
  • Multilingual stories (free): almost all stories are available in English and Spanish. These are professional translations and are reviewed by language experts with the intention of being faithful but not literal translations. They will help learning a second language.
  • Listen to complete audio stories(free): most of the stories are available in different languages and are narrated by voice over professionals. You will find them in English and Spanish, both with different accents for each language.
  • Search Engine (free): powered by Google, allows to search only within the website material.
  • Other Educational resources (free): The website includes other sections like a blog, several tips for parents and other recommended resources, all of them being very education oriented..
  • Download Audio Stories (de pago): (payment): This special service requires a subscription to a paid plan, or to fulfill some other extra condition and it lets you download audiostories to your computer, mobile phone or other device, subject to certain use restrictions depending on the type of license..
  • Browse the web without advertising or external links (payment): the web can be browsed more safely, minimizing the risk to leave the webpage by mistake or oversight. This makes browsing the web a friendlier experience.
  • Those services marked free are usually financed through contextual advertising.

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