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The Disappearance of the Luckys, a story about True friendship

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True friendship

Main Lesson

Real friends cannot be bought with gifts; it requires affection, attention and generosity.


A magical land


A girl and her Luckys

The Disappearance of the Luckys

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A story that teaches children how to gain true friends

Long ago, in the land of the Magic Jelly Babies, there were some small colourful beings called Luckys. They were round, furry and soft, and very funny and loving. They were born out of the most beautiful flowers, and were a constant source of good luck for anyone nearby. For this reason, all the people there would always be accompanied by their own group of Luckys. And people would compete to make the Luckys their friends by offering them toys, treats and all sorts of gifts.

Well, everyone, that is, apart from Violet - a girl who never wanted to get her Luckys by using gifts. She preferred to treat them as real friends, and she did her utmost to give them affection, do them favours, talk to them and be concerned about their lives… in short, she spent so much time on befriending and looking after each of her furry little friends that she was by far the person with the lowest number of Luckys.

One day, news came that underneath the honey waterfalls lived thousands of ownerless Luckys, so the people gathered up many gifts and sweets to travel there in search of more good fortune. Violet was very happy with the Luckys she already had, and had not planned to make the trip, but when he saw she had been left all alone she gave in to curiosity and happily set off.

However, when she arrived at the waterfalls all she found were sad, solitary people, sitting next to their piles of gifts and goodies. There was no sign of the Luckys.

-"Be careful, the waterfall swallowed up all our Luckys,"

warned one woman,

-"It opens up and the Luckys end up inside. Go! Before it's too late!"

But it was already too late. The waterfalls opened and closed with a great noise. However, looking around her, Violet saw that none of her dear Luckys were missing.

-"They haven't been swallowed up,"

everyone said, gathering around; not believing it.

Before they could say much more, the waterfalls reopened. This time they stayed open for longer, and inside them you could see all the happy, content Luckys surrounded by the biggest and best gifts you could imagine. When the waterfalls closed, Violet's Luckys were still with her.

Finally, the waterfalls opened a third time, remaining open, and a strange and amusing looking man spoke to the Luckys with a sweet voice.

-"Come with me, little Luckys. Here you will have more and better things than you could ever imagine. We'll be great friends!"

The offer was so tempting that Violet turned to her Luckys and said:

-"You can go with him if you want, guys. That place looks wonderful. I'm not surprised that the other Luckys like it so much."

But not a single one of her Luckys left her. Instead, they hugged their friend so much that nobody doubted that for those little guys the truly wonderful young thing was to be with Violet.

Then a boy, turning to the waterfall, said

"I'm going to get my Luckys back!"

That boy was the first one to say so, but everyone knew how attentive Violet had been with her Luckys, and so they instantly knew what they had to do to get their own Luckys back. And one by one they went under the waterfall to give their Luckys the love, the care and the generosity that would make them their true friends, instead of all the gifts they had previously been using.